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Enabling clarity and growth with tools for modern management

We produce genuinely valuable information and service to your advantage

Instead of standard solutions, we strive to create new and better ways to solve our customers’ work-related issues, provide clarity to their business and develop their processes.

We are guided by openness, honesty, innovation and commitment. Thanks to these values, we are able to provide a unique service for our customer base, whether it is an experts insight, or the delivery of the right technology.

From NetSuite to Financial Services and RPA

Our service portfolio has been further refined and developed in recent years, and currently our wide offering includes: NetSuite ERP, financial services, HR and payroll services and robotic process automation. Our international accounting services are available in over 30 countries. We are honoured to serve over 500 companies. Our comprehensive industry experience has come from working with the traditional forest industry, expert companies, the retail chains of the catering industry and internationally successful game companies.

Staria remains an ambitious growth company, and the experience and know-how of our growing team of experts allows us to deliver more remarkable achievements, together with our customers.

If you are still pondering whether you should choose Staria, please take the time to read the success stories of some of our long-term customers.

Customer Stories

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Staria as a partner

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Growth Ambassador
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Jimmy Löfström

International Growth Director
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