Buying a modern ERP solution does not have to be a lengthy and exhausting process, however it is still one of the most important IT decisions that a company can make. Investing some of your time in doing research, map your processes and understand your own needs will help you when you are planning to buy an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Below we will guide you through the process to buy ERP.

Where do I start?

Figure out what makes your offering truly great and make sure that you look for software functionality that makes you even stronger. Do not limit yourself in here and now, think about your future needs and make sure you are looking at solutions that can grow with you.

A modern ERP solution can do more than handle your bare minimum needs and it can be a tool for you to better deliver on your business model. It is important to build your future business on a solution that will serve you well in 10-20 years from now.

Questions to ask yourself before buying ERP:

  • What are the true limitations of our current solution?
  • What are my critical unique needs?
  • Where are we heading and what will be crucial for us in getting there?
  • Which processes of my business scale well and which ones do not?
  • Which current systems and processes can we not live without?
  • Depending on scope and need, who from your organization should be involved?
  • What can we spend and what is our potential ROI?

The right ERP solution will give you a lot of benefits:

  • You will be able to optimize your business model over the the different growth stages
  • It will be easier to maximise and prove the value of the business for investors
  • It will be easier to understand the status of the business from time to time to make fast and timely business decisions.
  • You will keep down the costs for administration and get a lower cost of ownership.

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