Staria, a Finnish ERP and accounting service company, has become the leading supplier of the American NetSuite Cloud ERP system in the Nordic and Baltic regions. As a result of the co-operation agreement signed with NetSuite Inc. in 2017, Staria is the only partner within NetSuite’s global partnership network to serve as the official NetSuite system partner for all Nordic and Baltic countries.

Originating in Silicon Valley, USA, NetSuite is the world’s leading cloud-based ERP solution, which is being utilized by over 26,000 companies worldwide. Many pioneers in their own fields, such as Spotify, Airbnb and HubSpot, are among the numerous users of the NetSuite ERP solution.

NetSuite, which joined the Oracle family in 2016, has invested heavily in its product development. In 2017, NetSuite announced that it was investing in the development of corporate solutions for use in the Nordic countries, in particular. This development includes localized language versions of the user interface for all of the Nordic languages. The aim of this development work is also to expand the company’s operations into new regions. The partners play a valuable role in this work.

Staria is the only NetSuite Partner operating in all the Nordic and Baltic countries that has been rewarded five times with the respected NetSuite 5-Star Partner Award. Staria also belongs to the SuiteCloud Developer Network offering localized SuiteApp solutions for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Hungary. Please note that the Nordic localizations (Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark) are managed bundles by NetSuite. For more information please contact your NetSuite Account Manager.

Staria’s mission is to help 1,000 growth companies reach the global market

Staria has grown by approximately 30% over the past years. The company’s activities are strongly guided by its mission to help one thousand Nordic- and Baltic-based growth companies to reach the global market.

– We want to offer growth companies the best possibilities to achieve successful business activities, also beyond the borders of their own country with forerunner cloud-based ERP platform. We aim to make their everyday life easier also providing international accounting services, which are already available in 40 countries, says CEO Juha Tommila.

The expansion provides customers with world-class, business-platform expertise in addition to financial and payroll services that meet different countries’ demands, all from the same provider. This facilitates a rapid, agile and cost-efficient expansion into new countries, thus responding to the demands of fast-moving growth companies.

Staria has done over 200 NetSuite projects and over 120 implementations. Staria’s customers include: Wolt, Management Events, RELEX, Smartum, Supercell and Disruptive Technologies (NOR).

Additional information:
Juha Tommila, CEO, Staria / +358 40 8609 400

* Article first published in September 11, 2017. Last update on July 26, 2021.