Staria organized its fourth annual NetSuite Customer Day on Wednesday 5th of June in Helsinki. The event was held in HUONE Jätkäsaari, and it had over 100 participants from all over the world.

After the morning was started with delicious breakfast, the event was opened by Staria’s CEO, Juha Tommila. He reminded participants about how the customers have brought Staria to where it is now. Tommila also showed the listeners some of the rewards Staria has received during the years for its success.

The day’s first partner keynote speech was delivered by David Turner, Oracle NetSuite’s Senior Director, EMEA Marketing, about ”Growth challenges – the NetSuite Story”. Turner told about how growth needs innovation: new markets, new pricing, new products & services and new channels. NetSuite truly understands growth and its challenges – The priority #1 for Oracle NetSuite is being international. NetSuite has more happy customers than ever!

NetSuite Customer Day: Juha Tommila

Juha Tommila, CEO, Staria

NetSuite Customer Day: David Turner, Oracle NetSuite

David Turner, Senior Director, EMEA Marketing, Oracle NetSuite

The second partner keynote was from Wouter Henderix, Oracle NetSuite’s Benelux Account Executive, who gave a presentation titled “Next-Level Planning, Budgeting & Reporting with NetSuite PBCS”. Henderix presented how PBCS can help NetSuite users to plan, report and forecast faster. He listed what NetSuite PBCS delivers:

  • 38% less time in planning process
  • 32% less time creating management reports
  • 12% increase in forecasting accuracy

The third partner keynote was delivered by Dominic Reid, DSI’s Channel Director, EMEA, about “Supply Chain Observations”. Reid told about the benefits of using cloud-based Supply Chain Management: agility, affordability, security and accessibility. He also pointed out that Gartner predicts that heavily-customised, on-premise ERP deployments will soon be commonly thought of as ‘legacy ERP’.

NetSuite Customer Day: Wouter Henderix

Wouter Henderix, Benelux Account Executive, Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite Customer Day: Dominic Reid

Dominic Reid, Channel Director, DSI, EMEA

Inspiring customer success stories

During the day we had a pleasure to hear two customer success stories: Hentec (Finance & Operations Manager, Kristoffer Öström) and Wolt (CFO, Henna Mäkinen).

The first success story was Hentec and how NetSuite implementation can be done inhouse. The old ERP and finance systems did not meet their needs, so they ended up choosing NetSuite. Kristoffer Öström told that many of them have a very IT oriented background so they wanted to do a lot themselves to know how their system actually works. He summarized the presentation by saying: “It’s eternal development, the system is never really completely done”.

Wolt is Staria’s NetSuite and ONE STOP customer running their operations in 15 countries. Their growth has been tremendous throughout Wolt’s operating history. The co-operation was described with five points:

  1. Painless for the customer as Staria has or finds the local partners and trains them on customers’ business model and processes
  2. Uniform application of accounting principles
  3. Efficiency of scale in processing
  4. Training and developing easier as centralized team
  5. Make sure that roles & responsibilities and timelines between parties are clear

Satu Kuokkanen and Terhi Kilpeläinen, from Staria, highlighted that there are no limits with ONE STOP service. Staria will expand the service globally based on customers’ needs.

NetSuite Customer Day: Kristoffer Ostrom, Hentec

Kristoffer Öström, Finance & Operations Manager, Hentec

Interactive professional tracks and next generation of software robots

Staria’s Matias Tiala told about the possibilities within Robotic Process Automation and next generation of software robots. Robots are learning new skills with the help of AI. Tiala emphasized that the most important step of success in RPA project is process analysis and development.

In the afternoon, it was time to kick off professional tracks: Staria ONE STOP in 30 countries, Staria InFlow and Success factors in RPA project. The tracks allowed guests to hear more detailed information about the subjects of their choosing and ask questions from specialists.

All in all, NetSuite Customer Day was filled with inspiration and insight. We sincerely hope that everyone who attended the event enjoyed themselves, and we hope to see you again next year!

HUONE Jätkäsaari

Lunch at a terrace, HUONE Jätkäsaari

NetSuite Customer Day 2019

Sparkling and strawberries

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