Staria's annual NetSuite Day was held on September 15th. for the fifth time - this time, however, in slightly different circumstances than in previous years. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event was held as a two-hour online version.  The event gained a record number of registrations - more than 300 people from around the world signed up for the event! In previous years, NetSuite Day has been organized as a full-day live event.

On-site at the studio were Staria's own speakers Juha Tommila, Terhi Kilpeläinen, Dennis Laakso and Mira Hilanne, who hosted the event. Guest speakers from Oracle NetSuite and our customer Trimtex were taken remotely.

The opening speech of the event was given by Juha Tommila, Staria's CEO. In his speech, Tommila said that he is proud of all Staria's 100 NetSuite customers. He also highlighted the several NetSuite awards Staria has received, which are accomplished by the work of certified NetSuite consultants. Tommila said that Staria will focus on international NetSuite implementations and those are supported by international accounting services that are enabled by NetSuite business platform.

NetSuite Day 2020 striimattiin Stremian studiolla Helsingissä

The event was live streamed from Streamia's studio in Helsinki

Juha Tommila, CEO, Staria

Juha Tommila, CEO, Staria

The first speaker of the day was James Chisham, Senior Director of International Products (EMEA), Oracle NetSuite. The topic of the speech was “Oracle NetSuite - What’s new & next” and it included e.g. an overview of the features of NetSuite 2020.2 release and how and what strategies and industry trends guide the development of NetSuite. NetSuite 2020.2 has a lot to offer, so we are hosting a free webinar on Thursday October 15. Learn more and sign up to the webinar here.

Next, we opened a remote connection to Norway and got to hear an inspiring customer story. Asbjørn Sundodden, Trimtex's CFO, spoke about Trimtex's growth and his experiences as a NetSuite user. Trimtex was among the first Norwegian companies to implement NetSuite. Sundodden described the journey to selecting NetSuite as a “step of faith.” Trimtex was looking for an IT-partner and found the systems being either too complex, simple or way too expensive. Eventually, Staria had a meeting with Trimtex and they were convinced that Oracle NetSuite was exactly the system the company had been looking for.

NetSuite Day 2020: James Chisham Oracle NetSuite

James Chisham, Senior Director International Products (EMEA), Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite Day 2020: Trimtex CFO Asbjorn Sundodden

Asbjørn Sundodden, CFO, Trimtex

In her speech, Terhi Kilpeläinen spoke about Staria's international accounting services, which are currently available in more than 35 countries. The service is enabled by NetSuite. Kilpeläinen listed five challenges for an international growth company, including e.g. real-time visibility of financial information, coordination of multiple partners in different countries and consistent accounting and reporting principles.

After Kilpeläinen, Dennis Laakso took the stage and told about Staria's SuiteApp solutions and supporting systems that can be used to make NetSuite more efficient. INFlow is the crown jewel of Staria's SuiteApp development. It can be used to automate the processing of purchase invoices in NetSuite. Staria's SuiteApp localizations are used to meet local requirements in different countries. Localizations developed by Staria are already available in 8 different countries. Laakso mentioned Staria Banking as one of the supporting systems. Staria Banking can be used to automate payment transactions.

NetSuite Day 2020: Terhi Kilpeläinen, Staria

Terhi Kilpeläinen, Client Executive, International Financial Services, Staria

NetSuite Day 2020: Dennis Laakso, Staria

Dennis Laakso, Growth Ambassador SuiteApps & Support Systems, Staria

For the last speech at the event, it was time to open the remote connection again, this time to the UK. Richard Cutler, SuiteSuccess Lead (EMEA), Oracle NetSuite, spoke about “Unlocking growth.” He began by sharing his findings on how the changed global situation has affected the actions, thoughts and focus of customers and investors. However, the main topic of the speech was a report called Unlocking growth, which examined investments and decision-making that are critical to the company's growth.

Staria's NetSuite Day Richard Cutler

Richard Cutler, SuiteSuccess Lead (EMEA), Oracle NetSuite

NetSuite SuiteSuccess

Richard Cutler: NetSuite SuiteSuccess

Overall, NetSuite Day was a success and we hope that viewers received useful information and inspiration from the speeches. If you were unable to attend the event, you can view the recording by filling out the form.

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