Staria’s sixth annual NetSuite Day took place on November 24, 2021, as a hybrid event. In this blog post we focus on FloQast’s demonstration on how NetSuite users can transform their month-end close with FloQast. You can also read here the general blog post about the NetSuite Day event.

The theme for NetSuite Day 2021 event was growth and unicorns. FloQast being a unicorn themselves as well, was a perfect selection for a partner and event sponsor. The company has received $200 Million in funding and with the most recent $110M Series D with the valuation of $1.2B.

During NetSuite Day we had the pleasure to invite Adam Zoucha, FloQast’s Managing Director (EMEA), and Nikko Jones, Senior Account Executive, on stage to demonstrate how FloQast is helping teams close the books on average 30% faster.

Zoucha highlighted NetSuite’s synergy with FloQast mentioning: “50 customers have gone public on FloQast and NetSuite during the previous 12 months period. FloQast is proud to be one of the unicorns using NetSuite”. FloQast is also assisting Staria NetSuite clients such as Smartly, M-Files and Relex Solutions.

FloQast is Built for NetSuite

Zoucha explained that FloQast directly connects to NetSuite financial data to transform accounting operations by unifying the close process and automating account reconciliations. Users can easily perform balance sheet reconciliations and increase visibility throughout the monthly process.

FloQast has received a “Built for NetSuite” verification which provides assurance that accounting teams are always able to quickly and securely access NetSuite data on demand. No third-party integrations are involved, instead FloQast seamlessly accesses NetSuite data via a native NetSuite API providing access to the latest account data in real-time.

Built for Oracle NetSuite: Integrated SuiteApp

Global visibility into close status

Jones explained: “FloQast brings the month-end close together for global entities in a similar way that companies implementing NetSuite to have a central source of truth - FloQast is that central source of truth for the close.”

He demonstrated how NetSuite users can close the books faster and more accurately by organizing, automating and executing the close in the cloud-based FloQast solution. Companies can save on average three days every month and will also have:

  • Dashboards for real-time insight into the status of the close process across all entities
  • Personalized view for team members and global view for management
  • Progress tracking towards the close by function
  • Status updates automatically emailed to executives on a daily or weekly basis

Participants were impressed on hearing that FloQast is quick to deploy – the product can be up and running in 4-8 weeks.

Please contact us if you would like to hear more about FloQast or book a personalized demo.

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