HELSINKI, Finland – March 2022 – Staria, a leading Accounting and RPA partner, is excited to announce a new partnership with Workfellow, a Finnish technology company which offers an innovative solution for mapping business-related digital work in real-time.

At Staria we have helped many growth companies develop their business by helping them get rid of manual processes. We know that there is a huge need for a solution that can find the manual processes to be digitized within the organization. Normally, process mapping is a time-consuming process with several shortcomings, like being based on employee experience rather than data, not giving a comprehensive overall view, having difficulties tracking changes and effects on other solutions, and relying on spreadsheet tools like Excel.

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“With Workfellow, companies can get fast, actionable insights on how to optimize business operations and gain more value for their investments. Since we have a wide range of growth customers, we see Workfellow as an excellent addition to our service offering."

- Juha Oja, Business Development Executive at Staria

“We are excited to partner with Staria, because, like Workfellow, they're focused on providing services to meet operational excellences. Together, we will be able to help companies improve their business processes and become more efficient as they continue on their exciting growth journeys."

- Kustaa Kivelä, Co-Founder & CEO of Workfellow

According to recent research, 70% of digital transformation projects will fail – equivalent to more than $900 billion wasted investment. Workfellow attributes much of this failure to the fact that most digital transformation is implemented via an engineered approach to the workforce followed by a lack of visibility of what is working (and isn’t) and why. Workfellow flips this approach by enabling teams to understand and plan how to make technology work better for them and inform how they collaborate.

Workfellow automatically analyzes knowledge work and pinpoints improvement opportunities in systems, processes, tools, and work practices in real-time. It only requires a plug-in to get into insights.

  • Find digitization, automation, and optimization potential from business operations without effort.
  • Implement the potential into action based on facts
  • Follow the real impact of any change done in a real-time

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Learn more about Workfellow:

About Workfellow

Workfellow is a Finnish technology company founded to help modern teams become digitally fluid in the new era of remote work, automation, and AI. Workfellow's solution is used to conduct real-time analyses of the work activities, business processes, tools and systems used in organizations in order to generate insights that identify opportunities for improvement and automatization. Learn more at

About Staria

Staria is an accounting company whose mission is to be the partner in strategic growth. Staria’s services include local and international information systems, financial, HR and payroll solutions, as well as specialist services and Robotic Process Automation. Established in 2003, the company is fully owned by its employees and Vaaka Partners. Learn more at