For the third year in a row, Starians responded to the Siqni survey by The Significant Company. We are proud to announce that Staria has once again earned a Future Workplace certification for exceptionally good results!

The Siqni survey measures employee experience by assessing how well the meaningful factors for employees realize in the workplace. Future Workplaces certification is earned by employers having the company culture in the core of their leadership. This is shown as an excellent employee experience and exceptionally high Siqni survey scores.

Future Workplaces 2022 Certification

When answering the Siqni survey, all Starian’s chose the five most meaningful topics for them at work. The top 10 list below shows the most meaningful factors for Starians this year:

  1. Freedom to work regardless of time or place
  2. Fair salary and perks
  3. Work life balance
  4. Meaningful work assignments
  5. Fair and competent immediate supervisor
  6. Development opportunities that match my own interests
  7. Opportunities for career advancement
  8. Strong camaraderie at the workplace
  9. Professional colleagues
  10. Job security

Tip: Read about Staria's Future Workplaces certification 2022 here.

We were exceptionally strong in the following areas:

Freedom to work regardless of time or place

" I admire Staria for allowing employees to work anytime and anywhere as long as the results are delivered."

“I enjoy not being bound to a particular place or time. It is great to have an office as a base where we can meet and discuss/share ideas. And I also enjoy that it does not matter when and where I work as long as the work is done well."

Professional colleagues

"Super nice colleagues across multiple countries that you can always rely on."

"Highly skilled colleagues who are always eager to learn more and contribute to other's growth."

Work life balance

"The flexibility provided by Staria helped me a lot to do my best at work without sacrificing life outside work."

"Thanks to the flexibility in working time during the days and ability to work from anywhere it eases the balance between work and life which leads to happier, active, motivated, fit, healthy employees who can contribute and bring more value to the company!"

Growing together

Today, Staria team consists of 400 professionals in 6 countries. During 2022, 140 new colleagues were welcomed into the Staria family.

Staria will continue to grow fast, and we want to ensure that our employees are committed. As we push synergy over hierarchy, it is important to us to have Starians actively collaborating in shaping Staria to become the #1 workplace. Creating a culture where everyone is set up for success is at the heart of Staria.

The turnover estimate for 2022 is 35 million euros. Staria’s annual growth rate has been 20-30% in the recent years and we expect similar growth rate in the future.

Looking forward to the future

Our goal is to be the most wanted workplace among modern experts in the field. To achieve this goal, we will continue to work on the things that are important to Starians.

Sanni Koskela Chief People & Culture Officer

"This result is a true testimonial of our values of collaboration, courage and commitment! The TOP10 of meaningful factors has remained the same throughout the last years and the development of these topics so near and dear to us continues. I’m super proud of the Staria team and where we are today but even more so on our future and all the opportunities we have ahead of us!"

Sanni Koskela, Chief People & Culture Officer, Staria



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The Significant Company Oy

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