For the second year in a row, Starians responded to the Siqni survey by The Significant Company. The Siqni survey measures employee experience by assessing how well the meaningful factors for employees realize in the workplace. Future Workplaces certification is earned by employers having the company culture in the core of their leadership. This is shown as an excellent employee experience and exceptionally high Siqni survey scores.

Future Workplaces 2021 Certification

When answering the Siqni survey, all Starian’s chose the five most meaningful topics for them at work. The top 10 list below shows the most meaningful factors for Starians this year:

  1. Freedom to work regardless of time or place
  2. Work life balance
  3. Fair salary and perks
  4. Meaningful work assignments
  5. Fair and competent immediate supervisor
  6. Strong camaraderie at the workplace
  7. Job security
  8. Development opportunities which match my own interests
  9. Opportunity for career advancement
  10. Professional colleagues

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We were exceptionally strong in the following areas:

Flexible work and work life balance

"Truly flexible remote working opportunities, trust, accountability, self-employment, peer appreciation and understanding, a clear and well-structured budget for remote working equipment."

“The hybrid work model works well and promotes recovery from work as well as one's own well-being. Remote working saves time and reduces morning stress as commuting does not take away energy from the day. However, you can go to the office if you want and from time to time it is good for teamwork.”

Strong team spirit and competent leaders

“It feels like all Starians are proud to be Starians (including myself). In addition, despite the fact that it is clear who the leaders are and who is responsible for which work, it strongly seems that everyone is still on the same page and management is easy to approach when needed.”

Growth is created together

Today, Staria team consists of 350 professionals in six countries. During 2021, 100 new colleagues were welcomed into the Staria family.

As a growth company, Staria’s pace will continue to be fast, and we want to ensure that our employees are committed and actively involved in shaping what type of workplace Staria is. Creating a culture where everyone is set up for success is not something that can be done from the top-down in every organization, and that is why Staria has set out to build a low-hierarchy company throughout our growth journey.

The turnover estimate for 2021 is 28 million euros. The long-term target is to triple the size of the business and to have a strong emphasis on international growth. Staria’s annual growth rate has been 20-40% in the recent years and we expect similar growth rate in the future.

What the future holds

Our employee experience is not (yet!) perfect, and we will continue to work on the things that are important to Starians.

This year, we will invest especially in:

  • Enriching professional growth and career paths
  • Developing modern leadership in the spirit of our culture and organization
  • Enhancing collaboration and knowledge sharing in our growing teams
Sanni Koskela Chief People & Culture Officer

"This growth is a result of team work, curios minds and strong ambition from Starians to learn and embrace the new - to grow together!"

Sanni Koskela, Chief People & Culture Officer, Staria

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Staria is an information system and financial services company whose mission is to enable the most efficient services and tools for its customers to use in modern business. Staria’s services include local and international information systems, financial, HR and payroll solutions, as well as specialist services and Robotic Process Automation. Staria’s global accounting services are available in over 40 countries. Staria is also the most internationally recognized NetSuite partner. Established in 2003, the company is fully owned by its employees and Vaaka Partners.

The Significant Company Oy

The Significant Company Oy conducts Siqni employee surveys in which employees select five factors that are most meaningful for them and then explain how these are fulfilled and how these should be fulfilled. This employee insight will enable you to identify and focus on the development areas that have the biggest impact on employee experience. Read more: