Raising funding to grow one’s business is something most companies dream of. You have probably read news about unicorn companies taking over the world with huge investments backing their journey to success. Have you ever wondered what has made them raise the interest of investors? Could your company follow their footsteps to success?

5,5 billion dollars and counting

Staria’s CEO Artti Aurasmaa is grateful for the opportunity to follow our customers amazing growth journeys so closely: “I believe that growth is the only evidence of life. Whereas both personal and business growth happen incrementally by perseverant daily development, the received fundings are great concrete milestones of successful growth journeys. At Staria it is our pleasure and joy to grow together with our customers and provide the needed services and tools to catalyse the growth even further.”

All time total funding amount Staria’s customers have raised is an impressive 5,5 billion dollars out of which the top 10 companies with most funding raised have raised over 3,6 billion dollars. These companies include amazing success stories like Wolt, Vinted and Rohlik.

Company name Funding in 2021 ($) Total funding amount (all time) ($)
Wolt 530 M 822,5 M
Vinted 250 M 562,3 M
Rohlik 309 M 402,2 M
Tink 308,4 M
Aiven 160 M 210 M
LumiraDx 239,8 M
Storytel 156,7 M (138 M€) 274,9 M
EverBridge 476,5 M
Cognite 150 M 225,2 M
Supercell 143 M
Total 1,56 B 3,67 B

Most of Staria’s customers that have received funding are NetSuite users. In fact, nearly two-thirds of all technology IPOs since 2011 went public on NetSuite. With NetSuite’s cloud-based software, growth companies can better measure and report on financial performance, manage risk, implement robust processes and controls, create the foundation for strong corporate governance, and better build proactive investor relations. And before and after an IPO, businesses still need systems that help them make good decisions and guide sustainable business strategies. That is why most IPOs choose NetSuite. There are more than 29 000 organizations worldwide running their business with NetSuite.

Staria’s TOP 3 customers with most funding received in 2021

Wolt - Operating in over 20 countries

Wolt is an international technology company offering restaurant food ordering and delivery service on a technology platform. Wolt has raised a total of whopping 822,5 million dollars. Out of which nearly 800 million was raised after company had implemented NetSuite.

Wolt is contantly growing and launching their services in new countries. Today they cover over 20 countries and are planning to expand even more. This kind of growth requires a business platform that grows together with the company.

Vinted - Lithuania's first tech unicorn

A second-hand fashion company called Vinted is Lithuania’s first tech unicorn company after they raised 128 million dollars. The level of their growth meant that they needed to start looking for an ERP solution that would better suit their needs and scale with their growth.

After implementing NetSuite, company has raised over 250 million with their total funding amount being over 560 million dollars today. Vinted is expanding their business and they are currently covering 15 countries.

Rohlik - Expanding into new countries

Rohlik is one of Europe's leading online grocery delivery services. Company was founded in 2014 in Czech Republic and today they are active in 4 different countries.

Rohlik started looking for a new ERP system after raising 190 million dollars. NetSuite makes expanding business into new countries easier and during this year Rohlik is planning to launch their services in Italy, Spain and Romania. The total funding amount company has raised is over 400 million dollars which has earned them a unicorn status.

How to better prepare for IPO?

Preparing for an IPO can often be a long and complicated process, but having the right tools in place to support the process can be immensely helpful. Check our blog post to find out 7 ways NetSuite can help you raise the odds of IPO success.

Annual NetSuite Day expanded into a NetSuite Tour

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Annual NetSuite Day was held on November 15th in Helsinki, Finland. We also offered a possibility to follow a live stream. The event offered an opportunity to deepen understanding of NetSuite and network with NetSuite users and others interested in the system.

In the event audience got inspired by Smart Brand Laboratory’s customer success story and panel discussion with RELEX, Supercell, Framery and Efecte. Also NetSuite’s TOP new features were introduced – and much more!

Order NetSuite Day recording and get the insights!