Perhaps your financial management system does not match your company’s needs, the operational control system might be rigid or not even in use yet. The rapid growth of your company puts more pressure into reporting or perhaps the time has come to expand your business for international markets. While searching for a solution to your problem, you will surely come across with the cloud-based NetSuite business platform, but what exactly is it?

NetSuite could be described as a platform that enables the combination of financial functions and an operations control system into one dynamic whole. The business platform is comprised of different modules, forming a system that helps users grow and optimize their business. Oracle NetSuite is a business platform that has achieved worldwide popularity. Users include famous growth companies, such as Supercell, Wolt and RELEX Solutions.

Customer story: Wolt and Staria are going international together with NetSuite

In addition to financial management, the system includes operations control, customer relationship management, and e-commerce. The system can be customized to fit the exact business needs of all its users. This is one of significant competitive factors, as all aspects of business management up to the interpreting of reports can be combined into a single, integrated system. The business platform supports the operations of large, international corporations, but works just as well with smaller companies and is thus suitable for very different operational environments.

Find out what NetSuite offers and  why it is the world’s most proven,  trusted and deployed cloud ERP solution.

Why NetSuite?

NetSuite's excellence is shown especially through its comprehensive nature. By providing everything in one package, the business platform can replace a company’s management system that is comprised of different pieces. It can also be used for a specific field desired by a company. For example, users can approach the system by simply exploring its ERP and CRM functionalities, if they so wish. NetSuite is not just a platform for storing data, however. The system's ingenuity is made apparent through the added value that it can provide in addition to data management. With automatic updates, the constantly up-to-date and agile system continues functioning in real time and reduces the amount of manual work in financial operations significantly. NetSuite can also be used to generate business, which is why it is especially popular amongst companies that are growing and/or becoming international.

Strengths include:

  • An entirely cloud-based service that does not require installation or maintenance and is constantly available at any time or place
  • Can be customized to suit each company’s operational model
  • The system provides customized reporting in real time, which can be accessed at any time
  • A comprehensive package, which can incorporate all aspects of management and sales according to the company’s needs and can replace the various software systems used by a company in order to bring all the data to one place.
  • Enables accessing entirely new markets and provides support for a company that is becoming international
  • Frees up a considerable amount of time from manual work, allowing more time to be spent generating business
  • Adapts as a company grows
  • An operational environment that supports new approaches and ideas

Who is NetSuite suitable for?

User base is formed of a wide range of different companies. Its customers include companies of different sizes, from domestic companies employing ten people to international corporations. Due to its customizability, it can be used by companies operating in any sector and its cloud-based functionality allows easy use regardless of place or tools.

Could NetSuite be a suitable solution for you? At Staria, we have many satisfied customers, such as Wolt, Relex and Dovre, who also utilize Staria's international accounting services. Feel free to contact us, so we can discuss together what we could achieve for your company's growth path with NetSuite. Have a firm belief in change and a new approach, as it will truly pay off! Book a free demo to get a basic understanding of the system. 


Annual NetSuite Day expanded into a NetSuite Tour

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Annual NetSuite Day was held on November 15th in Helsinki, Finland. We also offered a possibility to follow a live stream. The event offered an opportunity to deepen understanding of NetSuite and network with NetSuite users and others interested in the system.

In the event audience got inspired by Smart Brand Laboratory’s customer success story and panel discussion with RELEX, Supercell, Framery and Efecte. Also NetSuite’s TOP new features were introduced – and much more!

Order NetSuite Day recording and get the insights!