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We offer growth and business excellence. We know the challenges associated with rapid growth and international expansion. Our business solutions portfolio and service mix can support your journey from startup to global enterprise and keep you competitive. NetSuite is an ERP solution that can modernize your business overnight and open international doors. Our service concept can enable your desired growth rate with regulatory peace of mind and full operational clarity. UiPath and our RPA Services can help you become a true digital leader within your industry.

At our core lies the #1 cloud-based ERP NetSuite

NetSuite meets the evolving business requirements of fast-growing companies at every stage of their growth. It is the #1 choice to run financials/ERP, CRM and ecommerce applications in the cloud and the cornerstone of our One-Stop-Globalization concept.

Handle the transition of going global

A fundamental truth is that your company’s imperfections will grow exponentially as you grow. As more variables come into play, control is harder to maintain and far too often great companies struggle in the transition of going global.

Choosing the right cloud-based ERP from the start can help you realign your operations, automate business critical processes and essentially future-proof your business throughout every step of the growth journey. A modern solution will deliver the flexibility and scalability that you will need.


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Staria's international accounting services

Many modern growth companies are entrepreneurially driven; handling issues as they arise has been a strength, and the love for the product or service (or both) has always been the key factor and a huge contributor to previous success. However, many modern growth companies are in the innovation business and handling the complexities of setting up a global business is usually neither their strength, nor their passion.

That said, regardless of industry, all companies growing internationally have to deal with employment and labour requirements. Furthermore, tax compliance is crucial and accounting strategy is the key to maximizing revenue. Our services for handling International Financial Administration, Payroll and HR administration lets you scale with ease while you focus on your core business.

Truly digital with Robotic Process Automation

We want to keep you competitive, forever. RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is completely redefining to what extent companies can now automate their critical internal and external business processes.

With the market leading UiPath software, we help our clients to automate any variety of processes covering back-office and front-office requirements and opportunities, regardless of how complex they might be. We can offer TRUE scalability.

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Jimmy Lofstrom

Jimmy Löfström

International Growth Director
+46 73 376 5545

Jimmy Lofstrom

Jimmy Löfström
International Growth Director
+46 73 376 5545