AI to make financial management more efficient

AI is one of the most modern tools in making financial processes more efficient. It is often talked about in the context of robotic process automation (RPA), but these are, in practice, two separate technologies. However, both can be utilized in automating processes either together or separately. AI and RPA – two separate technologies [...]

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International group reporting – a nightmare or a dream?

Financial management is expected to deliver accurate information at the right time. The reporting of an international group is laden with challenges when trying to acquire figures from several subsidiaries across the world. Slow and varying reporting is, in fact, a nightmare for most growth companies. Some CFOs would like to see timely comparable [...]

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International accounting partner – what approach should you take?

When a company grows internationally, it needs to develop a solution for international accounting. This should be an effective solution based on a combination of one or more business platforms, along with in-house and external staff who carry out the work. The best solution is often an international accounting partner along with an international [...]

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Digital Accounting – How do I get it to work?

Digital accounting is a concept that is becoming more and more common. It means digitizing and automating the accounting process, making it possible to have a real time visibility to the company's finances. In addition to simply removing papers, you need to ensure that you have optimum integrated tools and automate your processes with [...]

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How do you take automated accounting onto a new level?

For a long time, companies have looked to make their accounting more efficient. Technological development within business systems, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) are creating completely new opportunities for more automated accounting. Automated accounting is a question of saving time, but also of increasing quality. It should also lead to critical [...]

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Staria ONE STOP®: All international financial services in one

In the midst of their growth spurt, internationally expanding businesses often end up using several locally operating accounting firms for organizing their financial management. This approach that at first glance seems quick and easy has its downsides, however: communication problems, differently paced processes and reporting that is slow and of varying quality often makes [...]

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