The four stumbling blocks of an international growth company

There are many dates, tax articles, regulations, collective agreements and processes that an international growth company has to keep in mind. In addition to daily routines, a company also has to manage rapidly changing national legislations. Companies have three options: to do themselves, to outsource or to search for partners. This can be relieved [...]

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5 signs that your company has outgrown its accounting software

A lot of SME businesses relay on basic accounting software and later on they end up seeking help from spreadsheets. A basic software is a budget-friendly and functional solution – but only until to a limited point. Perhaps your business started from nothing and slowly but surely grew big, while spreadsheets still continued functioning on [...]

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AI to make financial management more efficient

AI is one of the most modern tools in making financial processes more efficient. It is often talked about in the context of robotic process automation (RPA), but these are, in practice, two separate technologies. However, both can be utilized in automating processes either together or separately. AI and RPA – two separate technologies [...]

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International group reporting – a nightmare or a dream?

Financial management is expected to deliver accurate information at the right time. The reporting of an international group is laden with challenges when trying to acquire figures from several subsidiaries across the world. Slow and varying reporting is, in fact, a nightmare for most growth companies. Some CFOs would like to see timely comparable [...]

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International accounting partner – what approach should you take?

When a company grows internationally, it needs to develop a solution for international accounting. This should be an effective solution based on a combination of one or more business platforms, along with in-house and external staff who carry out the work. The best solution is often an international accounting partner along with an international [...]

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