Terhi Kilpeläinen started at Staria in January 2019, having worked in various leading positions at global group companies in the past. Terhi will help develop Staria’s international accounting services, work as a contact for named accounts, and be part of the sales team.

In recent years, Staria has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of international customer accounts, and the international accounting services are a major part of this significant business growth. With Terhi starting her work, the development and sales of the concept will be supported by solid experience and knowledge of the needs and wishes of globalising companies.

Terhi has extensive work experience from different roles in the economy. She has worked in leading positions in economic activity and the ICT sector and been involved in building new business entities at globalised public companies. Terhi has been responsible for economic activity from different directions and has a background in corporate steering. She has wide knowledge about the needs for change a growing company often requires, and the procedures the situation demands. With her experience, Terhi brings the customer’s point of view to global accounting sales and development and can identify problems and solutions to support the customer’s needs.

Alongside the job she has started at Staria, Terhi also works as a downhill skiing instructor so plenty of speed can be expected. We wish Terhi warmly welcomed to Staria!

Contact details:

Terhi Kilpeläinen
Senior Customer Success Manager
+ 358 40 827 5576

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