Staria continues its growth in the Norwegian market. After hiring Mads Nedrehagen as responsible for business development, Staria has now acquired further reinforcement. Finn Christian Oftedal has previously worked with Mads to help establish NetSuite as a brand name in Norway. Mads and Finn are now reunited at Staria.

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Administration from BI Norwegian Business School, Finn Christian started his career in SAP support and has always had a strong focus on process optimization. In 2018 he started with NetSuite – sales, support and implementation and has since had a steep learning curve. Today Finn Christian is one of Norway’s most strongest NetSuite experts with his 3 years of experience in addition to his several certifications.

Finn Christian has established himself as a skillful consulting professional, specializing in projects, finance and administration. His experience spans a wide variety of industries, such as oil & gas, manufacturing, service industry, retails and medical equipment and services.

What is your strength as a consultant?
- I love working close to the customers in order to understand the business needs and based on this find new and smarter ways to run the business. The flexibility NetSuite offers ensures that we can quickly implement new solutions and processes. User experience is also important to me, and I tend to actively participate in optimization and customization solutions that do not require advanced programming.

Why NetSuite?
- I’m impressed with the capabilities of NetSuite. There is a superb variety of functionalities, the system is scalable and can be adapted directly to any business in relatively few steps, no matter the requirements. NetSuite is flexible, customizable and module based. Thus, one can easily adapt the system according to the needs of a business.

Why did you choose Staria as employer?
- I seek continuous personal and professional development. Staria has both width and depth expertise with NetSuite. Taking part in the Nordic region’s strongest NetSuite team was a natural part of my development. There is a basic culture in Staria that supports competence development and customer satisfaction. Important values for me!

What challenges do you see for Norwegian growth companies?
- In general, we often see that they have simple systems, manual processes and that the company often grows faster than the business systems allows. It is challenging to change to a new system or solution in the middle of a rapid expansion, and this often leads to increased use of manual processes which again can hinder further growth.

Why is NetSuite interesting for modern growth companies?
- Customizations made in the solution maintained under the 2 annual updates are important, but I would also like to mention the possibility of running a data-driven business with all data available from the same system. Admittedly this requires a large amount of data gathered in one system, but the effect of full insight into the company’s real time data is invaluable. For example, one can easily keep track of all purchases, committed costs and how this affects the company’s cash holdings, important information for balanced finances.

What tips do you want to give Norwegian companies in growth, to streamline their finances, administration and business?
- My tip is to get acquainted with several management systems and find a system that can support the further plan and growth ambition of the company. It is important to take the system as part of your business resource, and make sure you choose a system that covers your future and not just your current requirements. For example, it is often too late to choose an international provider and system when international expansion has already started, and you are still using a system designed for local use.

I would also like to highlight the solid partner and third-party network around NetSuite that already has hundreds of available apps and integrations that can easily expand functionality for a variety of processes and automation.