Henna Plit has been appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of Staria. Henna will start on February 7, 2023. She reports to the CEO and is part of Staria's leadership team.

In her role, Henna is responsible for Staria's finance team, its operations and development. Henna will work closely with the business functions to support Staria's growth.

"Staria offers services to financial managers and CFOs, so it is especially important that our own finance team is world-class and a benchmark for all other growth companies. I’m fully convinced that Henna is the right choice for this challenging role. We warmly welcome Henna to the team!"

- Artti Aurasmaa, CEO, Staria

Henna has almost 25 years of experience in various finance functions in different industries and in different ownership structures - most strongly as a Business Controller and CFO. In her most recent role, Henna acted as Attendo Finland's CFO, being responsible for and developing the finance, real estate and sourcing functions of the rapidly growing company. Henna has led various financial system projects and changes in working methods in several companies, ranging from financial ERP projects to BI and Planning systems. The implementation of service centers and the development of processes have also been part of the work over the years. During her long career, she has also gained experience in various M&A cases - in different industries and with a fast pace. The last 10 years of her career have been focused on going through various changes within finance organization and business.

"Strongly growing and internationalizing companies have their own challenges as they expand their operations. Staria has the expertise and scalable tools to meet this challenge - to help companies move to the next level. The fact that we are involved in managing the financial services of growth companies in more than 40 countries is really amazing."

- Henna Plit, CFO, Staria

"I see myself as the "jack of all trades" within finance, whose heart beats passionately for supporting and developing business together with people. You can't get much done alone, but together even more. Leadership and coaching the team are very important to me, so that everyone can do their best and succeed in their role.”

Henna describes herself as combining an analytical nature with an innovative and productive approach. The saying that describes her the most would be: "Seriously, but not without humour".

"I am very excited and motivated to join the Staria family. The conversations I have had with the various parties have been very energizing. I see a lot of opportunities in well-performing and efficient processes, but also in the field of business intelligence. Not only in terms of technology, but also how "leading with the data" is brought into the company's culture. In the end, business intelligence makes the work easier for all of us and increases the understanding - when guessing becomes actual data to support decision-making. However, most of all, in the short term, I'm looking forward to getting to know Starians face to face and hearing how each person contributes to supporting companies’ growth journeys - growth without borders."

Further information:

Artti Aurasmaa
CEO, Staria
+358 45 186 1775

Henna Plit
CFO, Staria