The unique international Staria ONE STOP® accounting service has already spread to 10 European countries. Full 10 is a terrific achievement – but Satu Kuokkanen, Business Director and Developer of International Accounting Services, tells that this is only the beginning.

You can easily believe that when you look at the growth rate: only within one year service has spread from two countries to 10! What is the secret behind the growth and where the service will develop during the year 2017? Read interview with Satu below:

Why the international Staria ONE STOP® Accounting service was created?

I had had conversations with many CFOs’ and I listened their various problems that arise when company operates with multiple accounting firms in different countries and usually also with various systems. When introduced to NetSuite Cloud ERP system the idea was born: through this system we can offer accounting service to internationally operating companies where one team takes care of all the accounting services in different countries. Service makes customers’ accounting visible and unified and also help CFOs sleep better.

What countries Staria provides the international ONE STOP service at the moment?

In addition to countries in North Europe (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia) Staria also operates in France, Netherlands, Poland, Great Britain and Germany. More countries are added to the services based on customers’ needs.

Has any of the countries stand out as very easy or very difficult to operate in?

There is a lot of relatively easy countries. As more difficult one I could mention France. This is mainly because in France the accounting isn’t as digitalized as it is in many countries.

Is there already new countries coming up in the beginning of the year 2017?

Yes, we are launching two new countries per quarter. First ones on the list are Switzerland and Austria.

Why ONE STOP service has been so popular and to whom is it especially suitable for?

The simple implementation and our professionalism within international accounting are the corner stones of the services. Through the service company can steer its subsidiaries throughout Europe with “ONE STOP” principle. This means that customer only needs one number to call whether they have a question concerning taxes in France or payment of an invoice in Norway.

Service is especially suitable for companies characterized by rapid international growth and operations in several countries. Through the service a company doesn’t need multiple different accounting partners around the Europe – only one is enough. When information is always available and up-to-date company can quickly react on changing situations.