As your business expands globally, you want to make sure that you can use NetSuite business platform in all countries you are operating in. With Staria’s SuiteApp localizations, NetSuite users can ensure that financial management is localized efficiently and reliably, and with reasonable costs.

Staria’s localization SuiteApps are available for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Nordic countries and now also for Hungary. These localizations are designed and targeted specifically for the relevant markets, including payment and billing methods. Localization SuiteApps are suitable for local parent companies as well as subsidiaries. With localizations, the introduction of NetSuite’s basic features in a new country is becoming more and more agile, leaving more time and resources in business development and maximizing customer satisfaction.

NetSuite localizations

Staria is a NetSuite Certified Developer Partner, and its localization packages are certified by NetSuite. The advantages of certified SuiteApps are:

  • cost-effectiveness
  • a complete product without product development risk
  • continuous maintenance and easy and fast implementation
  • localizations are constantly being developed and maintained.

NetSuite localization for Hungary

Staria’s latest SuiteApp is an entity that is made for the Hungarian market. Staria Hungary Localization SuiteApp includes all essential for financial management in Hungary. Read more about SuiteApps from the links below or contact our sales.

Staria Hungary Localization SuiteApp
All available Staria SuiteApps

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BfN (Build for NetSuite)

BfN (Build for NetSuite) is a NetSuite program designed to provide high quality SuiteApps for NetSuite clients. BfN ensures that SDN Partners (SuiteCloud Developer Network) solutions meet NetSuite’s requirements both for security and overall quality. All SDN partners go through the BfN review process for each of their SuiteApp products.

Built for NetSuite Native SuiteApp