Staria Group 7-9/2019 1-9/2019 1-9/2018 Change
Revenue, m€ 4,5 13,4 9,4 43 %
EBITDA, m€ 0,5 1,6 0,7 129 %
EBIT, m€ 0,4 1,3 0,6 130 %
EBIT – 9,2 % 9,7 % 6,0 %
Q3 report

Staria’s third quarter was strong taking revenue for January-September to 13.4 million euros (9.4 million euros) with 43 % organic annual growth. Growth was driven by new accounting service customers and rapidly growing international services.

Profitability grew significantly faster than revenue. EBIT for January-September was 1,3 million euros (0,6 million euros) growing by 130 % compared with the same period in 2018. Investments into robotics and artificial intelligence are providing the desired efficiency.

Estimate for 2019

Growth is forecasted to continue throughout 2019. Revenue is estimated to reach over 18 million euros. In 2018 revenue was 13,2 million euros (over 20 % growth) and EBIT 0,8 million euros.

For more information:

Juha Tommila
CEO, Staria Oyj
+358 40 860 9400

Mikko Saari
Chairman of the Board, Staria Oyj
+358 40 071 4457

Staria Oyj is an information system and financial services company whose mission is to enable the most efficient services and tools for its customers to use in modern business. Staria’s services include local and international information systems, financial, HR and payroll solutions, as well as specialist services and Robotic Process Automation. Staria is the only company in Europe that can offer international accounting and enterprise resource planning services to over 30 countries through one assigned team. Staria is also the most internationally recognized NetSuite partner. Established in 2003, the company is fully owned by its employees.