Sanni Koskela started as Staria’s Chief People & Culture Officer on September 1st 2020. In her role, Sanni is responsible for personnel management and the development of people and corporate culture throughout Staria. In addition to the responsibilities mentioned above, the emphasis is also on development of management and recruitment. She will work closely with business unit leaders, enabling Staria’s development and growth. Sanni reports to the CEO and becomes part of Staria's management team.

Sanni has more than 10 years of previous work experience in various human resources and recruitment positions in internationally operating companies. Over the years she has gained experience from human resources management tasks of both large companies and smaller growth companies. Sanni has also been involved in various HR transition projects and has had a wide range of responsibilities in the field of human resources. In recent years, Sanni has worked in a fast growing growth company, so the transition to Staria was natural. In her previous job, her most significant responsibilities were to ensure growth on the side of human resources management. This included responsibility of all human resources management in more than 10 different countries.

“Already the first days at Staria have shown that there is an extremely people-oriented and caring culture. Starians work closely together with good team spirit, which is very valuable to the employees. Developing a corporate culture gives us a great starting point for facing the next stages of Staria’s development which helps us in our successful growth. Hopefully in addition to growth, we will further internationalize, while improving our work models and processes. The most important thing is the people and how can we make all our goals possible together. With good team spirit, we develop and grow both as a company and as individuals,” says Sanni Koskela.

Contact Details:

Sanni Koskela
Chief People & Culture Officer
+358 40 350 9296