HELSINKI, FINLAND 9.11.2022: Staria and Gubbe announce starting a co-operation to support Gubbe's international growth and Staria's responsibility work.

Gubbe is a company founded in 2018 that has expanded its operations quickly and in addition to the Finnish market, the company also operates in Sweden and the UK. Gubbe chose Staria's International Accounting and Payroll Services to support company's international growth in their countries of operation.

"We chose Staria because we wanted a partner that supports our journey as an international growth company. We look forward to our cooperation with Staria, where together we will solve the challenges, that come with when the company grows."

- Paula Suurmaa, Gubbe's Head of Finance

The starting point of Gubbe's operations is to help elderly people live happier and more active life. The company's new type of service for the elderly connects an elderly person with a Gubbe, trustworthy and happy companion who visits the elderly person regularly.

Staria becomes a Gubbe Godparent

Staria joins Gubbe's godparent program by providing one lonely elderly person with a Gubbe service for a year. Gubbe's sponsorship program enables companies to provide regular gubbe visits to lonely elderly people for a year, while offering meaningful part-time job for young people. The aim is to get as many godparent companies involved so that no elderly person is left alone. For many, gubbe visit is the highlight of each week and even the only encounter they have during the week.

"Gubbe does important work, so we are excited about the new co-operation and the opportunity to support Gubbe's journey. Responsibility is at the heart of Staria, and that's why we are honored to be part of Gubbe’s Godparent program. We believe that the co-operation will be very rewarding for both sides!"

- Artti Aurasmaa, Staria's CEO

Further information:

Artti Aurasmaa
CEO | Staria Oyj
+358 45 186 1775

Gubbe is a company founded in 2018, whose preventive and rehabilitative care service supports older people to be independent and active. Gubbe service ranges from household chores and guided mobility to caring activities. Gubbe operates in Finland and now also in e.g. Sweden and UK. For more information on Gubbe, please visit:

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