Staria organized its third annual NetSuite Customer Day on Tuesday 12th of June in Helsinki. The event was held in Valkoinen Sali, situated in the heart of Helsinki, and it was attended by nearly a 100 customers, partners and prospects from all over the world. The theme of this year’s event was: Make the #1 Cloud ERP Even Greater.

NetSuite, the #1 Cloud ERP

After the morning was started with super smoothies, the event was opened by Staria’s CEO, Juha Tommila. Tommila reminded listeners about Staria’s roots and history, and how the customers have brought Staria to where it is now. He also showed the listeners some of the rewards Staria has received this year for its success.

The day’s first partner keynote speech was delivered by Thomas Sutter, Oracle NetSuite's Global Solutions Center of Excellence, about ”The Modern CFO with NetSuite”. Sutter told about his past, working in finance when he was younger and when the current technology hadn’t yet been discovered. He said that in the past companies were crawling, but today’s technology and ERP systems can help them run.  But is running enough, when with NetSuite they can fly?

The second partner keynote was from Fred Olsson, Adaptive Insights’ Director, Nordics, who gave a presentation titled “Netsuite and Adaptive Insights = Better Together”. Olsson presented how Adaptive Insights can help NetSuite users in planning, and vice versa. Like his presentation stated: “The relationship between NetSuite and Adaptive Insights is really a handshake between ERP that tells you where you've been and a forecasting system that tells you where you're going”.

Inspiring Customer Success Stories

During the day we had a pleasure to hear three Customer Success Stories: RELEX Solutions (Group CFO, Johan Haataja), Frosmo (CFO, Iiro Christensen) and GreenEnergy Finland (Sourcing Manager, Otto Tynys).

The first success story was RELEX Solutions, which is currently using NetSuite in their parent company and 12 subsidiaries. Haataja told, that all of their initial objectives for NetSuite have been achieved, and that one system and unified processes have brought efficiency and transparency for the company. He summarized the presentation by saying: “The world is never ready – but we are now well-prepared for this”.

Frosmo is Staria’s NetSuite and ONE STOP -client, who used to handle their finances with multiple systems and Google Sheets-files. The CFO Iiro Christensen summarized the benefits of this co-operation on four points:

  1. Transparency - ability to drill down to subsidiary transactions
  2. Fast and reliable consolidation - 2 hours vs. 2 days
  3. Less hassle - one main point of contact
  4. Scales for future growth with Staria’s NetSuite consultants

The final customer success story of the day was held by GreenEnergy Finland’s Sourcing Manager Otto Tynys. Before NetSuite and Staria ONE STOP, GEF had multiple separate systems, outsourced accounting and no implemented processes. The key benefits of NetSuite for them have been the insights, control and case management, and scalability to ensure future growth.

Exciting news from Staria

Before the coffee break, there was a mysterious special announcement from Staria, presented by Juha Mäntynen, Staria’s Digitalization and NetSuite Apps Director, and Vilgaile Striužaite, Senior NetSuite Consultant. Staria saw an opportunity to increase usability and value adding features for eInvoicing and purchase approval flow area. The solution for this is called StariaFlow. StariaFlow is a SuiteApp that provides seamless user experience for NetSuite users and solves e-invoicing approval issues. StariaFlow is available now, and more information will be published shortly. If you want to learn more, contact Staria’s sales team.

Interactive professional tracks and RPA insights

In the afternoon, it was time to kick off professional tracks. Guests were asked to choose three out of six professional tracks: Staria ONE STOP Services, StariaFlow, Adaptive Insights, RPA & AI together with UiPath and Staria, Build your NetSuite Future Roadmap and  NetSuite Key Benefits for Customers. These tracks allowed guests to hear more detailed information about the subjects of their choosing and ask questions.

The day’s last but certainly not least partner keynote was delivered by Rory Gray, Uipath's VP UK, Ireland & Nordics. Gray offered the guests not only new insight and information about robotics and RPA, but he also made everyone laugh with his delightful sense of humor. His’ presentation explained why RPA is a friend, not an enemy, and how it can be used to make companies’ more efficient.

All in all, the day was filled with inspiration and insight. We sincerely hope, that everyone who attended Staria’s NetSuite Nordic customer day enjoyed the event, and we hope to see you again next year! Thank You for making the #1 Cloud ERP even greater and being a part of great community.