Staria and Visionbay Solutions Oy

In the picture from left: Lauri Vornanen (Sales Director & Partner, Visionbay), Artti Aurasmaa (CEO, Staria), Simo Vesterinen (CEO & Partner, Visionbay), Noora Vesterinen (Operations Director & Partner, Visionbay) and Jani Jääskeläinen (CTO, Staria).

Staria Oyj acquires Visionbay Solutions Oy to offer even stronger reporting and BI services

HELSINKI October 4, 2022: Staria continues on its growth path. The business acquisition carried out in September strengthens Staria Oyj’s technology team, enabling the company to even better meet its customers’ Business Intelligence needs both in Finland and internationally. Visionbay Solutions Oy’s entire team of 15 people will transfer to Staria through the acquisition.

Staria Oyj acquires Visionbay Solutions Oy, a software and service company focusing in Business Intelligence services. Staria, founded in 2003, offers international business platforms, accounting, HR and payroll services, as well as robotic process automation. The new acquisition will complement Staria’s financial services, strategy and software offering.

"Staria is a navigator of growth for our customers’, and I see the BI solutions offered by Visionbay as a compass in this concept. Staria is focused on delivering high-quality, comprehensive financial services. Through the acquisition, we also enable a wider range of services to Visionbay’s existing customers."

- Artti Aurasmaa, CEO, Staria Oyj

Staria’s services are based on the use of modern technology, such as the cloud-based Oracle NetSuite business platform, automation, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence. Staria’s current Business Intelligence services have attracted a lot of interest, and it is therefore seen as an important strategic focus area in which the company wants to invest. The services enable using data as a central part of companies’ financial management planning and reporting. The company acquisition will significantly grow Staria’s pool of experts in this field.

Visionbay Solutions Oy was established in 2014, and its net sales in 2021 was 1.3 million euros. The company made significant investments in product development and towards continuous services. With the company acquisition, the whole personnel will transfer working at Staria.

"Business operations in a rapidly changing world require continuous knowledge of the company’s situation, as well as every employee’s contribution to the company’s success. Because of this, our vision has been to enable the meaningful use of data at all levels of the organization for reporting and forecasting. It is great to be able to bring these services to Staria’s current and future customers, also internationally."

- Simo Vesterinen, CEO, Visionbay Solutions Oy
Simo will be responsible for the technical product development for Staria's BI solution in the future.

Focus on strong international growth

Staria’s long-term goal is to triple the business. The company’s customers include international growth companies, and most of the future growth is expected to come from outside Finland.

Staria’s international accounting services utilize the NetSuite business platform. With this unique service concept, Staria offers accounting services to more than 40 countries. It is the only company in Europe offering such extensive international financial management and ERP services.

“Visionbay’s BI solution will accelerate Staria’s expansion from financial management services towards value-adding services for financial guidance. Staria customers see the value in our BI solutions as they enable flexible forecasting and reporting processes, which guide high-quality decision-making. Staria BI's core focus market is growth companies, which is a natural fit with NetSuite customer base. As Staria is already the most awarded NetSuite partner in the Nordics, with this acquisition we can serve an even wider international market and range of companies."

- Jani Jääskeläinen, CTO, Staria Oyj

Further information:

Artti Aurasmaa
CEO | Staria Oyj
+358 45 186 1775

Jani Jääskeläinen
CTO | Staria Oyj
+358 40 502 8790

Simo Vesterinen
CEO & Partner | Visionbay Solutions Oy
Head of Development, BI & Planning | Staria Oyj
+358 40 637 3314

Staria is an information systems and financial services company with the mission of providing its customers with the most efficient services and tools for modern business. Staria's services include local and international business platforms, accounting, HR and payroll solutions as well as professional services and robotic process automation. 

Visionbay Solutions is a software and service company focused on Business Intelligence services. Visionbay is the first Finnish company to offer a service package that takes care of customers' entire BI process, use and life cycle on a turnkey basis.