At Staria, our sustainability thinking starts from, and is built around our core - our people and customers. We believe that happy and healthy Starians enable us to serve our customers in the best possible way. During 2021 we have been working on several development initiatives specifically directed towards how we can continue supporting the wellbeing and growth of Starians. As a result, we have reached even higher employee satisfaction.

Modern and flexible ways of working – all over the world

Staria’s growth continued throughout 2021 more rapidly than ever before. We were happy to welcome 100+ new Starians on board and receive plenty of new knowledge and skills to our team. By the end of the year we employed Starians of over 20 different nationalities.

Our culture encourages everyone to be themselves and support one another, and we want to be a workplace where everyone can thrive and feel good. We use a modern working model which enables flexible remote work, contributing to a better work-life balance. In 2021, we introduced the New Way of Working concept in all our countries. With the help of this concept, we aim to increase ergonomics in remote work by providing Starians an opportunity to get a variety of work equipment and ergonomic tools for their home offices.

Enabling sustainable growth for businesses and organizations

Our mission is to help growth companies evolve to international level superstars. We know the challenges associated with rapid growth, which for us means ensuring that our customers have all the tools needed to drive international expansion at speed. We want to be our customers’ number one partner in their growth journey by building long-lasting and meaningful partnerships based on trust and transparency.

At Staria, we believe that change and development are vital for enabling growth and the continuation of it, and thus we welcome change with curiosity and courage!

Check out Staria’s sustainability report, which includes the following topics:

  • Review of the year 2021
  • Staria in brief
  • Sustainability at Staria
  • People and work community
  • Responsible governance
  • Environment and society

For more information:

Artti Aurasmaa
CEO, Staria Oyj
+358 45 186 1775

Staria Oyj is an information system and financial services company whose mission is to enable the most efficient services and tools for its customers to use in modern business. Staria’s services include local and international information systems, financial, HR and payroll solutions, as well as specialist services and Robotic Process Automation. Staria is also the most internationally recognized NetSuite partner in the Nordics. Established in 2003, the company is fully owned by its employees and Vaaka Partners.