Marko Terävä came to work at Staria in June as a SuiteApp Manager. As part of the NetSuite team, Marko is responsible for developing Staria’s NetSuite SuiteApps. Staria has developed eight published NetSuite localizations and INFlow inbound invoicing solution.

Marko’s long career includes working as a consult and as a service and product manager. His extensive experience in both product and service management and his background as a consultant provide new viewpoints and expertise to the development of SuiteApp.

Why did you choose to work on the development of SuiteApp?

– NetSuite system has a promising future ahead of it and there is a growing need for the applications developed around it. Despite not having much prior experience with NetSuite, I believe that I can utilize my professional expertise in the SuiteApp development.

What are the practical benefits that Staria’s customers will gain from your expertise?

– I provide innovative and customer-oriented solutions to both Staria and its customers. My focus is on practical work and prioritizing to important areas. It is important to focus on relevant solutions that benefit Staria’s customer base extensively. I want to find out what kind of development and expected values are related to the development of NetSuite SuiteApps and to push these matters forward. It is important to keep development in check and to progress in a sensible manner.

How did you end up working at Staria?

– I found the job advertisement online and discussed the matter with my acquaintances working at Staria. I have partnered with Staria in the past and being part of a profitable growth company was tempting. Staria’s solutions are both interesting and versatile. There are different kinds of solutions available, from NetSuite to robotic process automation.

Contact details

Marko Terävä
SuiteApp Manager
+358 50 345 1094