What tasks can be automated with robotic process automation (RPA)?

RPA can significantly streamline your company’s processes and increase productivity. At best, RPA can help your experts reduce time spent on routine work by up to 90%. In this blog, we will describe the tasks best suited for robotic process automation.You can also download our guide, which contains extensive information on how to use RPA [...]

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3 RPA myths that you should not believe

In many cases, widely circulating myths discourage investments. We decided to dispel three myths surrounding robotic process automation (RPA) so that they can no longer stand in the way of easier life!

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AI to make financial management more efficient

AI is one of the most modern tools in making financial processes more efficient. It is often talked about in the context of robotic process automation (RPA), but these are, in practice, two separate technologies. However, both can be utilized in automating processes either together or separately. AI and RPA – two separate technologies [...]

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