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A curious attitude and an open mind have helped Service Manager Arttu's career growth

Who: Arttu Ahola, Service Manager

I started at Staria in 2018 as a trainee. Before Staria my background was purely in sales, so I only knew what school had taught me about accounting. I was introduced to Staria during my BBA studies; I was taking an optional course about RPA and Staria was the partner for that course. That was when I decided that I would want to do my practical training at Staria.

My wish came true and luckily my time at Staria didn’t end when my training ended, I got to continue as an accountant. First, my responsibilities were very simple, and I did some basic bookkeeping tasks. I was in a team that worked for some of our franchising customers, and I have been working with franchising chains ever since.

School isn’t the only place to learn – work teaches you a lot

In 2020 one of the biggest turning points of my career happened as I started work as a Team Leader. I continued to do some accounting for our customers, but I was now also responsible for the agreed timelines, schedules and processes. Later I started to have more administrative responsibilities such as responsibility of customer invoicing, answering to customer feedback and deploying accounting software Netvisor to our new customers. That’s when I became Service Manager. I still do some accounting for few companies, so the basic work has stayed the same, but a lot of new things and responsibilities has come around.

As mentioned, I didn’t know much about accounting before coming to Staria, so I have basically gotten all my knowledge and skills here. However, growing in your career doesn’t happen automatically. What has supported my development is my curious attitude and calm personality. Previous experience in customer service has also helped a lot, even though now I serve customers mainly via phone, email and Teams. However, the biggest thank you goes to the people in my home office in Kotka - without them I wouldn't be here where I am today.

Growth possibilities are open to those who are interested

I know that I still want to develop and grow in my career, but at the moment I don't have a clear plan of where I want to go in the future. I find my current position as a Service Manager interesting, as new clients provide variation to the work. We have an open dialogue with my manager, and I know that when the time is right, she’ll help me to think about the direction of my career. Overall, I am satisfied with the support I have received from Staria for career growth and development. Staria has great managers and my team's support is strong. Help is always available, even when working remotely you can always reach someone who is ready to help you and offer a second opinion on things that you’re trying to solve.

I mostly work remotely these days as my commute is quite long. Remote work option is a big advantage – it's great that I haven't even had to think about changing jobs just because of the commute. Staria supports remote work well, e.g. we can get equipment that’s according to our own needs, and my workstation couldn’t really be much better than it already is. In addition to remote work, it's nice to be able to see colleagues in the office every now and then.

Arttu’s tips for career growth

Growing in your career has a lot to do with your mindset, so be curious and open minded. Curiosity is needed for accounting because there’s always something that needs to be researched but it also helps you to spot new development opportunities.

Also be brave and don’t be afraid of mistakes, they are your greatest learning points. At Staria failure is seen as a chance to learn and improve, which is encouraging. Lastly, but most importantly –  believe in yourself

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