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BI solution brings added value and competitive advantage to Hohde Group

Hohde Group Oy is a Finnish group providing private dentist and dental laboratory services, employing over 200 oral healthcare and dental laboratory professionals, who offer high-quality general and specialized dental care in eleven offices and dental laboratory activities in ten offices throughout Finland.

Hohde Group chose Visionbay as their BI partner to provide the organization's key personnel with a common and reliable status information to help them to manage business.

Unit-level managers are more involved in business planning

Huubia is a business tool developed by Visionbay Solutions, which enables easy visualization, gathering, sharing, and monitoring of data. Data is not gathered aimlessly - instead, Huubia can be used to manage data and utilize it efficiently in business management.

“Huubia allows us to better include unit-level managers in business planning and to provide them with an understanding of matters regarding the entire group. Daily management of units is important, but finances are equally important and Huubia provides support with it. Regarding dental services, our operations are modern and on high-quality level. We are aiming for the same result when it comes to company's operative level by developing our management with business intelligence”, Hohde Group's CFO Henri Tuhkanen explains.

In the first wave, the number of users on the dental services side will be twenty, after which also the laboratory units will start to use Huubia. The total number of users will be around thirty.

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Competitive advantage with BI solution

Huubia provides added value and a competitive advantage to Hohde Group by simplifying the integration of new acquired offices with the parent company.

“Huubia allows us to report and monitor business based on the group's KPIs. When all data is in a single system, you do not have to look for information from different sources or create a separate Excel yourself. Everyone uses the same procedures, which increases the reliability of business management and also saves time.”

Hohde Group’s growth story also includes equity investors, to whom Hohde Group is regularly reporting to.

“We report certain KPIs to them, which can be automated in the system thanks to Huubia. In the future, by the end of every quarter these reports can also be created and forwarded faster ", Tuhkanen points out.

Henri Tuhkanen states that a simple, fast, and cost-effective way of working made Visionbay an easy choice as a BI partner.

Staria Oyj purchased Visionbay Solutions Oy on 30th of September 2022, read more from the article.

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Lauri Vornanen

Senior Sales Executive, BI & Planning
+358 40 770 9219

Lauri Vornanen

Lauri Vornanen
Senior Sales Executive, BI & Planning
+358 40 770 9219