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The partner of brands, Hasan Group, is comprised of Hasan & Partners, Perfect Fools, and Frankly Partners. Hasan & Partners and Perfect Fools are internationally recognized and award-winning creative agencies. Frankly Partners is specialized in making businesses and brands customer-oriented. The group employs almost 140 brand strategy, creative storytelling, brand and experience design professionals, as well as communication and consulting professionals in Helsinki and Stockholm. Hasan & Partner's customers include both large, international companies as well as Finnish companies. Hasan & Partner's work has won multiple Cannes Lions and other international marketing awards.

Hasan & Co, one of the largest Nordic companies specializing in marketing and customer experience, partnered with Visionbay in 2017 when the group was searching for alternative solutions for the existing BI tool, which was cumbersome and required manual work.

“With the old BI solution, the reliability of data was constantly a bit questionable, as we updated the system only once a week. Huubia increased the reliability of data to a new level as it works in real time. Also the data models are automated”, states Hasan & Partners Group CEO Simo Kajaste.

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Real time data to support business

At first, Hasan & Co's finance department was the only one utilizing Huubia in reporting, but it swiftly gained a larger user base. Kajaste tells that for example project and customer managers use Huubia in their daily work.

“Thanks to Huubia's deployment, data is available for everyone who needs it, and employees are more aware of the business indicators.”

Hasan & Co's sales forecasts have also been entirely transferred to Huubia.

“In practice, we are using Huubia Planner to create rolling customer-specific sales forecasts and we have entirely abandoned making separate forecasts on Excel. Gathering all data into a single system also allows us to follow all the changes happening with customers", says Kajaste.

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Simo Kajaste, Hasan & Partners

Simo Kajaste, Group CEO, Hasan & Partners

According to Kajaste, Huubia's added value also includes the continuity of reporting. Once a report is created, it automatically updates with the given parameters without any risk of error.

“After the start, as everything is set and good to go, the workload required for reporting decreases. To a company working in three countries, not having to make separate reports for every area is a great benefit.”

Kajaste says that various calculation rules can be made effortlessly on Huubia. Thus, Hasan & Co has been able to automate activities such as resource allocation, which previously was done without a specific system.

Kajaste is happy to recommend Huubia. He states that it's features and user-friendliness is on the same level, if not higher, as the biggest BI solutions on the market. Kajaste praises Visionbay particularly for its customer-oriented and agile service.

“Meetings with Visionbay have provided genuine value from the start. We have been able to solve reporting challenges immediately during the meetings in a very professional manner”, he states.

Staria Oyj purchased Visionbay Solutions Oy on 30th of September 2022, read more from the article.

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Lauri Vornanen

Senior Sales Executive, BI & Planning
+358 40 770 9219

Lauri Vornanen

Lauri Vornanen
Senior Sales Executive, BI & Planning
+358 40 770 9219