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Clear and streamlined reporting for Praecom Group

Praecom is a Finnish ICT growth company. Praecom’s mission is to provide its customers with the prerequisites for engaging meetings in work and customer environments. Praecom's services are comprised of communication and presentation solutions, IT services, and screen communications. Praecom's officers are located in Vantaa, Hämeenlinna, Kuopio, Kajaani, and Tampere.

Praecom Group's growth has made a great leap in recent years. The group's revenue has doubled in three years, and the group aims to triple it within five years. The growth rate is also visible in reporting, which has increased significantly. Utilizing BI solution in reporting has freed up a considerable amount of employees’ time, has clarified operations, and has also minimized errors.

– Our group includes various companies, and reporting started to become difficult. We gathered reports into Excel and made presentable versions for the board with PowerPoint. Errors were not uncommon when working manually, especially with graphs, states Praecom Group COO Juha Elonen.

Praecom Group started using Visionbay’s Huubia solution in early 2021. Since then, the group's figures have been monitored in real time by group and company level managements with the help of clear, visualized data provided by the solution.

Predict your own needs

– We had previously searched for a suitable BI partner and specified our needs. Then the coronavirus pandemic started and we decided to look into the matter at a later date. None of the candidates at the time felt entirely suitable for us: either the solutions were too narrow or there were not enough options for customization, or the solutions were too cumbersome and would have required us to allocate resources in an entirely different way, ponders Elonen.

Praecom Group's mission is to provide engaging meetings to its customers. Visionbay Solutions Oy's way of working corresponded with Praecom Group, and the connection was there just naturally right from the start.

– They genuinely understood our business and the challenges we are facing as a growth company. The Huubia system was good, but so was Visionbay's dedication to meet our needs and their flexible service model.

We could take the BI package as a full service or manage it ourselves according to our available resources. We can also implement Huubia's features depending on how our business changes with time. Everything is customizable, which is important to us.

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What benefits has the BI solution brought?

Praecom Group wanted to change their old approach for finance and sales reporting at the management and on the board level. The Excels and PowerPoints made for them are now history and everything is presented directly on Huubia.

– This has saved a great deal of time and our approach is now streamlined and the data is presented visually in a clear way. Numbers and graphs are included on the go if needed and dimensions and functions can be changed if wanted. Previously, this was time consuming, and still the final result was not quite what we were looking for.

With Visionbay, things have proceeded smoothly.

– Huubia's implementation went swiftly. Our first version was running only seven weeks after signing the agreement. We have used it actively since the beginning.

During this year, Praecom Group has also added customer service, production, and product reporting as well as forecast management to Huubia.

– One of the benefits of the system is that we can expand its use in a way that suits our needs. Visionbay's service model includes change management, which means that it provides genuinely flexible services to suit our needs”, states Elonen, who has a background in operations and business development projects and has seen larger BI development challenges in his career.

Staria Oyj purchased Visionbay Solutions Oy on 30th of September 2022, read more from the article.

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Lauri Vornanen

Senior Sales Executive, BI & Planning
+358 40 770 9219

Lauri Vornanen

Lauri Vornanen
Senior Sales Executive, BI & Planning
+358 40 770 9219