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Sanna’s career path from a Payroll Clerk to Consultant

Who: Sanna Bulan, Consultant

My work at Staria began in 2008, when I started as a payroll clerk in the Tampere payroll administration team. Two years earlier, I had finished my Vocational Qualification in Business Management (QBM) programme and then I worked for two years as a payroll clerk in another accounting firm. At Staria, my job changed almost immediately from payroll clerk to payroll software specialist and I continued working as such until the beginning of 2019, when I was offered a consultant position supporting payroll administration in the software team. I gladly took on the offer. Now, I have worked as a consultant in our Tampere office for two months while also doing payroll calculation for a few client firms.

“Depending on the ongoing projects, my work weeks are all different.”

I am working as part of Staria’s support system team. My work tasks include implementing new payroll service clients, interface-related matters and making modifications to the program according to the client’s needs. On Mondays, my team and I review the work situation for the coming week and new projects. We share work tasks according to our resources and try to come up with solutions for problems together. My work week can also involve providing software guidance within Staria or making modifications to the payroll software.

A versatile job description inspires to learn new things

At Staria my technical expertise has grown immensely and continues to grow through different projects. In the future, I would like to deepen my knowledge of the technical sides of Mepco, our payroll software. I have been able to participate in different Excel and Mepco courses, which have helped me develop as a consultant. The development of my expertise is also shown by working confidently and efficiently. By developing my skills, I can utilise programs in a more versatile manner and through that create software solutions suitable for our clients’ exact needs. Thus, our clients also save time and money when the reporting works and the system has been perfected for them.

“Apart from payroll calculation, there are no repeated routines in my job. I especially appreciate the variability of my work tasks and the opportunity they bring to learn something new.”

Professional development with the employer’s support

Staria supports its employees’ career paths and their development as professionals. It’s great that I have been able to reach the position that I dreamed of. I have been able to grow into my work role and my expertise is genuinely appreciated. My hopes regarding my work have been heard and I am highly valued as an employee. The work location is also flexible as I can work remotely whenever the job situation allows it. In fact, this arrangement makes being the mother of a small child much easier and helps arranging a child’s schedule in a flexible manner. In my opinion, Staria does a great job incorporating new employees and allows open-minded people to quickly find their place in their new work community. I have personally enjoyed working at Staria for about eleven years already and I am still continuing my journey with a smile on my face.

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