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Franny-winner Alina unified its financial management with Staria’s help

Alina is a nationwide franchising-chain that provides better life quality and well-being for elderly people, families with children and people otherwise in need of care. Services are provided at customers’ home. The chain offers quality services including household work, home nursing, child care services and also distant health care services. All Alina’s employees are skilled and friendly professionals. Alina is constantly developing new services to make customers’ life quality and well-being better at home.

Alina centralized its financial management to Staria’s service center which now takes care of accounting and payroll services for all individual Alina-franchisees. The aim of this cooperation is to achieve uniform reporting principals and better comparability to the reporting.

The services are produced completely digitally with Netvisor-system. With this cloud-based system, the entrepreneurs are able to take care of financial issues regardless of the time and place. Netvisor is also integrated to Alina’s ERP-system and therefore processes are efficient and functional.

One target of the new companionship is also to continuously develop processes and to automatize manual work. In this way it is ensured that Alina gets modern service and support for business development – now and in the future.


Alina wanted a partner specialized in franchising business

Alina’s CEO Satu Jäntti tells why Staria was chosen to be their partner: “Staria’s good reputation and specialization in franchising-segment were clear advantages. Also Netvisor-system played an important role in the decision making, because we already had suitable interfaces in our ERP-system for Netvisor.”

The expectations towards Staria’s strong expertise and customer service are high. “Staria’s know-how in financial management processes helps strengthen the support and service provided to Alina-franchisees. Interaction and co-working has been easy-going and communication has been good. A clear benefit of Staria is their will to serve customer and untackle upcoming challenges.” Jäntti tells.

Cooperation provides better support and professionality of service for franchisees

For Staria every individual franchisee is an important customer. A centralized team makes it possible to better understand Alina’s business and support its success.

Minna Partti, the Alina-franchisee of the year 2019 and national franchisee award winner, describes the cooperation: “I’ve got a wonderful named accountant who takes very well care of my financials. If there has been issues that needs to be solved, Staria has reacted promptly. I feel that I am in safe hands.”

Also Sari Ruohonen, who is an Alina-franchisee in the Helsinki metropolitan area, praises her own named accountant. “Availability is good and both messages and calls are answered quickly. As an entrepreneur I know that things are taken care of and the cooperation is under constant development also at the chain level. I especially appreciate the level and availability of personal service”, Ruohonen says.

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Line of business
Nursing, home care and home cleaning services

Amount of franchisees

Service solution
Accounting service center



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Anu Hemmila

Anu Hemmilä
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