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Huubia eases financial management and business predictability at Aro Systems

Aro Systems Oy is a leading construction expert and service company in Finland with nearly 70 years of experience. The family company is building a better living and working environment together with more than 400 professionals. The company is responsible for the entire lifecycle of buildings by offering its customers all building-related construction and maintenance services for all new and renovated buildings. In Finland, the company operates in Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu.

From Excel documents to real-time reporting

Previously, Aro Systems’ financial reporting was primarily made with Excel. Reporting required a great deal of manual work, which was a waste of both time and money. The company was searching for a new, comprehensive system to improve and ease their financial management processes. They wanted a cloud-based system that would make daily financial and working capital management easy, transparent, and which would provide information in real time.

After mapping out their options, the company chose the BI solution offered by Visionbay Solutions, Huubia system, which Aro Systems started using at the end of Spring 2018. CEO Mika Huovinen comments about their choice:

– I was looking for a system that combines modern data storage, reporting, and data input. The system should work as a digital financial management tool and support management with business intelligence.

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Huubia improves business intelligence

According to Huovinen, the implementation of Huubia has brought time savings as well as other benefits to Aro Systems’ financial management.

– Data is available for everyone and transparent. It can be analyzed from different viewpoints, and observations can be shared with all parties in the organization who need them. A cloud-based system can be accessed anywhere and at any time at the workstation or with a laptop or a mobile device.

Aro Systems plans to expand the system to be used in board reports, personnel reporting, sales monitoring, as well as the functional metrics of maintenance business. The goal is to include nearly all data-driven management, financial data, as well as functional and qualitative metrics of the company into Huubia, says Huovinen.

Huovinen praises the partnership with Visionbay Solutions.

– The partnership has worked well, and development of the system has advanced a process at a time. The target state has been clearly defined and the partnership has been open and is constantly developing. Visionbay speaks to us with the same language and understands what we are doing.

Aro Systems recommends Huubia to other companies as well:

– I would warmly recommend Huubia. Our financial management and the predictability of our business has become significantly easier, says Mika Huovinen.

Staria Oyj acquired Visionbay Solutions Oy on 30 September 2022. Read more from the press release.

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Lauri Vornanen

Senior Sales Executive, BI & Planning
+358 40 770 9219

Lauri Vornanen

Lauri Vornanen
Senior Sales Executive, BI & Planning
+358 40 770 9219