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Dovre Group
Dovre Group – A uniformed group reporting

The Dovre Group is an international company that provides project staff and management and consultancy for large-scale projects. The company’s largest market is located in Norway, where large-scale energy projects and infrastructure projects require continuous expert staffing and consulting. In addition to Norway and Finland, Dovre Group also has offices in Singapore, Canada, United States, United Arab Emirates and Russia.

Many of Dovres customers operate in the oil and energy industry where strict safety regulations place high demands on the quality of work. Examples of growing activities include projects related to urbanization and infrastructure modernization of societies. Implementing these entities requires versatile expertise and extensive project management.


Dovre Group’s international operating environment and locations in different countries pose a wide range of challenges to the company’s financial administration. Increasing transparency within the company and easy access to the financials were important criteria when it was decided to change the supplier of the financial management systems.


The collaboration between Dovre Group and Staria started in 2016, and the rapid implementation took place in the autumn of the same year. Now the NetSuite system is in use at the offices of Finland, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Korea. Implementation in United States and Canada is being prepared. The guarantee of accurate financials and an easy-to-use system were emphasized, as well as the system being cloud-based.

“NetSuite is supporting international service companies well, and it serves excellently the needs of consulting and staffing industries” says Heidi Karlsson, CFO of Dovre Group. “Our company has solid financial management expertise and our level of demand has been high, but Staria has taken over the processes well. Payrolls and day-to-day bookkeeping work well, and things are handled in the agreed timetables. ”

The result

Previously, Dovre Group used separate financial management and payroll systems in different countries. After the transition to Staria’s customer and the launch of NetSuite, reporting has become easier and transparency has increased, for example, real-time accounting is accessible instantly, regardless of time and place.

Dovre - A uniformed group reporting

1989, listed on the stock exchange in 1999 as Proha. Dovre Group since 2011

Project Personnel and Consultancy Business

Project Services and Consulting Service Provider

Company Size
500 employees

83,3 million euros (2016)

Staria Services
International accounting services and NetSuite business platform


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