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Eezy: Hannu Nyman, Sari Lehto

Eezy - Consistent and reliable financial data

Eezy is a large Finnish staffing services group with almost 100 companies and about 20 franchisees. Despite the group’s large size, its finance and accounting team is relatively small, because Staria takes care of the accounting and purchase invoice processing for its 80 subsidiaries. In addition, Eezy uses systems provided by Staria in all accounting. Altogether the services enable consistent and efficient accounting throughout the whole group.

Eezy is the most versatile staffing services company in Finland and it started operating over 30 years ago. Eezy has the largest network of offices in the industry, which means that they understand the local business environment everywhere. These days the group and its companies employ more than 20,000 people each year.

"We offer staffing services, light entrepreneurship and expertise for employment consultation", says Hannu Nyman, Eezy’s CFO.

Unified systems guarantee consistent data

Staria is responsible for accounting and purchase invoice processing for Eezy’s 80 subsidiaries. In addition, Staria also provides the necessary systems for Eezy’s in-house accounting team.

"This kind of a flexible collaboration model means that the accounting data from all the subsidiaries is unified and managed with the same systems, even though we do some of the accounting in-house", says Nyman.


Active and professional cooperation

The cooperation between Eezy and Staria began through acquisitions. Some of the subsidiaries had previously been Staria's customers, and it was easy to continue the well-functioning partnership. Since then, the cooperation has been extended to almost all other subsidiaries. Sari Lehto, Eezy's financial manager, is closely connected with Staria as a part of her work.

"I think our collaboration is very beneficial for us. Communication is active and if a problem emerges, we figure it out together. Overall, this partnership is very professional", Lehto describes.

"Staria enables us to handle a large number of subsidiaries in a consistent manner. They provide services to us reliably while utilizing automation. If we wanted to do everything ourselves, we would need a large in-house accounting team", says Nyman.

Smooth financial services are crucial for Eezy, as we are a publicly listed company and are bound by certain reporting requirements. "Reporting needs to be done on time and with high quality. This is indeed the reality for us", Lehto praises.

A partner with developing mindset and strive for automation

According to Nyman and Lehto, Staria is a very service- and customer-oriented partner. Eezy can trust Staria and the services are rolling steadily from month to month. Staria is also praised for its effectiveness. Staria’s flexible resourcing and efficiency are significant benefits for Eezy, because its in-house finance department is small.

"I could recommend Staria to anyone who wants to develop their financial management processes. As a partner they are highly interested in developing their processes and using technology for automation. More importantly their promise for quality has been accurate", Nyman sums up.

"The customer has the flexibly to freely agree with Staria on provided services from their wide selection. This was also the approach when we designed our cooperation", Lehto concludes.

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