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Independently executed NetSuite implementation

Hentec is a supplier for the machine industry with products including bearings, screw technology, steel rings, castings, forged products and associated comprehensive solutions and services.

The company was founded in 2004 and is privately owned. Its headquarters are in Espoo, and it has subsidiaries in Oslo and Jönköping. It currently has a staff of 12. Its turnover varies between 5 and 9 million euros. Hentec carries out long-term projects with a duration of 1 to 3 years which leads to an annual variation in the turnover.

Agility and flexibility through cloud services

Kristoffer Öström, Finance & Operations Manager, describes why Hentec decided to purchase NetSuite as their business platform.

“Due to a growing turnover, it was decided in 2012 to acquire CRM and ERP systems. Operational experience had shown, that the former production management system was too rigid, and the services less agile than expected. There was also no good solution for integration”, says Öström.

“We explored new options in 2016, and cloud services felt like a natural solution. We needed a partner that could offer all services, since we wanted to work in the same environment”, Öström adds.

The decisions were given careful thought. Much time was spent on comparing the systems and their features, but the final decision to choose NetSuite was clear. The NetSuite business platform came up through our own contacts, as another Finnish company recommended it. Implementation started in summer 2017, and the production management was taken in use in January 2018.

Activity and flexibility is required from the partner

Staria was chosen as the partner due to its activity, good service and flexibility. Hentec wanted to implement the system independently, and support and staff training was expected from the partner. “Staria has served us very rapidly, when needed. We appreciate being able to call consultants directly, having help nearby when necessary. Our cooperation experiences with Staria are purely positive”, Öström expresses with satisfaction.

“In-house skills enable a quick reaction to failures and development projects. We have used an agile approach to implementation. We didn’t consider all processes at the beginning, but planned and developed them along the way”, Öström specifies. Öström carries the main responsibility in the team that includes three employees who actively participate in the development of the system. All employees have their own areas of expertise.

In addition to NetSuite, Staria handles the company’s payroll services, and receives special praise for the designated contact person who can be contacted directly. “Things are always handled quickly and efficiently”, Öström comments.


Better reports and data integrity

Hentec uses an extensive NetSuite configuration which is based on NetSuites’s Mid Market Edition and project management module. It also uses OneWorld enterprise module for managing its subsidiaries. NetSuite has been complemented with G Suite by Celigo which connects to Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar and Hangouts.

The seamlessness of the NetSuite system receives praise, everything from the CRM function, through turning an opportunity into an order all the way to the delivery and invoicing is flexible. The seller can drill down to the invoice, and the invoice processor sees the necessary data. For a small company, Hentec operates widely from direct sales to maintenance and monitoring client sales. All this conveniently by using NetSuite.

“Better reports convinced the staff of the system’s benefits. Clean and coherent data made using the business platform pleasent”, Öström describes.

Plans for the future

In summer 2019, Hentec expanded to Sweden, a subsidiary was founded in Norway already in 2016. Order management and sales are handled in NetSuite also in these countries. The project side is regarded as a future improvement area, since the objective is to better manage projects through the system. Enterprise accounting and reporting, as well as building a client portal, have been considered as long-term plans.

Hentec logo

2004 in Espoo

Other technical service, heavy machine industry

Bearings, screw technology, steel rings, castings, forged products and associated comprehensive solutions and

Servive solutions
NetSuite business platform


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Jimmy Lofstrom

Jimmy Löfström

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Jimmy Lofstrom

Jimmy Löfström
International Growth Director
+46 73 376 5545