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iBinder Group achieves consolidation and increased efficiency in accounting with NetSuite

iBinder Group was founded in Sweden in 2005, and today consists of four brands: iBinder, Byggnet, SundaHus och SokoPro. Their headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden, with additional offices in Örebro and Linköping (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland), Copenhagen (Denmark), and Oslo (Norway). iBinder Group operates in 8 countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, the UK, Slovakia, Poland, and the Netherlands), with 120 employees and around 5000 customers.

iBinder Group is a SaaS company that provides a modern digital information management platform for the construction and real estate industry. With their easy-to-use platform, companies in the industry can increase their productivity and reduce their environmental impact.

Choosing a system to consolidate all companies and accounting processes

Today, iBinder Group consists of 13 companies and keeps growing both organically and through acquisitions. To keep up with the growth, they needed to revise their systems and solutions landscape: “Our existing processes and systems were not fit for their purpose, instead driving complexity, inefficiency, and a high risk for errors”, says Monzaide Anzola, Group CFO at iBinder Group.

After an extensive process where they evaluated 6 different systems and both local and international players, iBinder Group implemented Oracle NetSuite in 2022. During the evaluation, it was important to find a system that could consolidate all companies in the different countries in one system. It also had to enable a single accounting process across all companies based on best practice and be able to integrate and migrate new companies in a fast and easy way, including flexibility in reporting to evaluate the acquired companies. Automation to drive efficiency and the possibility to get global support were also important aspects. According to August Tillqvist, Group Finance Manager at iBinder Group, NetSuite more than covered these needs, and did significantly better than any other competing system in three specific areas:

“Firstly, it enables a single accounting process where instead of handling 13 different companies, the system handles the Group as a single company. This is a function that have positively surprised us more than expected. Secondly, it enables the integration and migration of new companies in a fast and easy away. All other suppliers required almost a new implementation for each new company while with NetSuite it is an easy and simple process. Thirdly, it’s easy to get global support, as NetSuite is a well-recognized system”, Tillqvist describes.

NetSuite fulfilled the expectations and was implemented smoothly

In terms of benefits, Tillqvist shares that all their expectations were fulfilled by NetSuite and that there are two areas where extra benefits can be especially highlighted: “The first one is how easy it is to integrate and migrate new companies. After going live in October last year, we have been able to add two new companies that are 100% live," he says. "The second one", he continues, "is the structured way that NetSuite handles many companies in a simple and single process, which makes the accounting process very effective. In our case it became more effective than expected and instead of needing external support as planned we are able to handle all 13 companies with fewer resources than before”.

The implementation of NetSuite went smoothly, with close collaboration between the project teams from iBinder Group and Staria. “The competence of Staria’s implementation team was very good, with a combination of deep knowledge in NetSuite with accounting expertise”, Tillqvist says. “Besides that, they were always supporting, available and wanted to help us with our challenges”.

Tillqvist also points out that it is key to set the right internal resources for the project and invest time in the processes, because without internal investment the project will not succeed regardless of the team that the partner has.

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Selecting a global supplier with flexibility and service focus

The cooperation with Staria begun when iBinder Group acquired a company in Finland at the start of 2022 and had just 8 days to set up all accounting processes for the new company. “We asked Staria to do the challenging task in a short period of time and they did not hesitate and took the challenge”, Anzola says. “After 8 days the new accounting for the new company was up and running in temporary systems with very good processes and service. For us that was a true test of service”. Staria was then also chosen as partner for NetSuite due to being an awarded partner and having good references from NetSuite itself.

Anzola describes the experience of working with Staria as “service minded, professional and flexible”, and shares the following example: "We started our global accounting with the view that we needed more support from Staria going forward. After a few months we found that NetSuite was more efficient than initially planned so we could do most of the work by ourselves! It was not a problem to have these discussions with Staria and find a good way forward for both parties”.

iBinder Group has been satisfied with Staria’s International Accounting Services and the fact that the services enable them to have just one partner that understands all their financial statements and internal processes.

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In addition to NetSuite and International Accounting Services, iBinder Group also looked at Staria’s SuiteApp solutions and other complementary systems and chose to implement INFlow, a built-in AP automation solution for NetSuite, and Staria Banking, a solution for automating payment transactions.

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Jimmy Lofstrom

Jimmy Löfström

International Growth Director
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Jimmy Lofstrom

Jimmy Löfström
International Growth Director
+46 73 376 5545