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Leppäkosken sähkö - Reliable energy and service solutions for 100 years already

Leppäkosken Sähkö corporation is a local, versatile and competitive energy industry expert operating in Pirkanmaa. The corporation’s main products are electricity, district heating and natural gas. It has more than 30,000 customers and its turnover in 2018 was almost € 51 million. Leppäkosken Sähkö corporation includes the parent company Leppäkosken Sähkö Oy and its subsidiaries Leppäkosken Energia Oy, Leppäkosken Lämpö Oy, Ulvilan Lämpö Oy and Oy. In addition, the corporation has interests in other energy companies. The offices and production units are located in Ikaalinen, Ylöjärvi, Parkano, Nokia, Helsinki, Ii and Ulvila.

This year, Leppäkosken Sähkö has enjoyed sustainable energy and service solutions for exactly 100 years. The company was founded in 1919 and provides sustainable energy solutions to meet the changing needs of its customers. The company lists one of their core values to be close to nature, which is seen, for example, in a significant donation to protect wild trout in honor of their anniversary.

Assigned payroll specialist guarantees reliable service for the company

The cooperation between Staria and Leppäkosken Sähkö started already in 2011 after the company outsourced its payroll to Staria. Leppäkosken Sähkö has its own assigned payroll specialist from Staria, who manages the salaries of over seventy employees. In addition to payroll, Staria has provided Leppäkosken Sähkö with a travel invoicing system. The payroll material will be sent to Staria’s assigned contact person, through which reporting and payroll will be handled. “There is a clear difference in time management, because routine tasks do not take so much time anymore. There is also less stress, because I trust that things are done as they should, without having to worry about different reports. This has a great impact on coping at work”, Tiina Mononen, Assistant Manager and Human Resources and Communications Manager, points out.

When choosing a partner, Leppäkosken Sähkö considered other suppliers, but the entity Staria offered seemed to best serve the needs of the company. Mononen mentions that one of the best aspects of the service is a company-specific payroll specialist who knows how the company works and through which all communication takes place. “Trust is really important in partnerships and in this co-operation it is mutual. Collaborative meetings are held on a regular basis to discuss future changes and give feedback on both sides.”


Impact on employee satisfaction

Occasionally, unusual situations arise when it comes to payroll. The company's assigned payroll specialist is aware of these unusual situations and ensures that salaries are paid on time even in these cases. Sometimes solutions are worked out together, and answers have always been received to questions that we have from the payroll specialist. Mononen also mentions the quality of service provided by Staria's experts as one of the concrete added value of the service. “We can trust our partner and know that salaries are paid without conflicts and on time, regardless of the situation. This also affects employee satisfaction and creates a good and reliable image of us as an employer, which is really important to us. ”

Mononen recommends co-operation with Staria. “After outsourcing payroll services, there is considerably more time for other work. Service is efficient and reliable, which has reduced work stress.”

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Anu Hemmila

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