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Management Events, Ville Ojala

Staria BI & Planning helps Management Events forecast and report their finances efficiently

Management Events is a company that operates in 10 countries across Europe and Asia. Their previous financial planning solution did not meet their growing needs as an international company. Therefore, their Finance Department started to look for a more modern solution – and soon found Staria BI & Planning.

The core business of Management Events is international by nature, as they organize invitation-only events that connect global industry leaders through their highly advanced matchmaking platform. As the CFO of this global company, Ville Ojala wanted to find an efficient solution to forecast and report the state of their business to different stakeholders.

Ojala and his team did extensive research to find the right forecasting solution to fit their current and also future needs.

– We considered many different solutions and partners before we chose to work with Staria, Ojala says.

Ojala is responsible for the finance operations, but he is also involved in the business development, executing strategy, and in other business support functions. Due to his expertise, he has strong views on what good financial planning is like.

– In my opinion, financial planning combines simplicity and flexibility. It was an easy decision to choose Staria BI & Planning after they demonstrated it to us, he explains.


Impressive implementation stage and clearly visible benefits

After Management Events had chosen Staria as their partner, they started to implement the solution.

– When the implementation project started, we were really impressed by how well the technical experts were able to use the technical features and to meet the needs we had, Ojala reminisces.

They have been happy with the solution so far and can already see many benefits.

– It saves my nerves as CFO when things run as expected. Forecasting and reporting on a group level is smoother than ever before. The solution is also easy to use, so it saves us time on a daily basis, he rejoices.

Ojala highly values the visual side of the solution and what it enables them.

– Because the visualization of the solution is modern and clear, we can present the numbers in an understandable way to all stakeholders. It enables us to possibly expand to other new features in terms of reporting, he continues.

Long-term partner that is easy to recommend

Management Events has worked with Staria for many years on accounting services, and Ojala saw this as a natural continuation of their collaboration.

– When you have an international company that operates in several countries, you really need a good solution that works for the whole group. Staria clearly aims to offer more and more beneficial services to their customers. I would say that is the real benefit of working with Staria, Ojala says.

As Management Events feels that their needs have been met, Ojala does not hesitate to recommend Staria’s solution to others as well.

– I would warmly recommend Staria BI & Planning to other international and growing companies such as we are, he concludes.

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Mikko Kurki

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Mikko Kurki

Mikko Kurki
Manager, Reporting and BI-services
Tel: +358 50 301 1184