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Staria supports Naughty BRGR towards international growth

Known for its premium burgers and the best ingredients, Naughty BRGR restaurant chain is growing and evolving rapidly despite the pandemic. In addition to services and products directly related to the restaurant industry, the company is also planning to grow and internationalize its other businesses. Staria as a partner ensures that administrative processes such as financials and HR support Naughty BRGR’s international growth.

As for delicious burgers, Naughty BRGR is an actual multi-talent company. One of its founding partners is chef and Top Chef winner Akseli Herlevi who is familiar to many from his own Finnish television series called "Burgerimies".

"We have been making burgers for five or six years now. We have a dozen restaurants and "Burgerimies" has been viewed millions of times – which is cool. I have a good feeling that, first of all, we have done things courageously. Of course, many of them have gone wrong, but we have had quite a lot of success. For that you can always smile and be happy", Herlevi sums up.

There is currently a total of nine different restaurants in operation and a tenth is opening very soon. However, growth is not stopping there.

"We are growing in the restaurant industry, but we are also growing all our other businesses. We want to be as innovative as possible", says Lars Oehlandt, CEO of Naughty Group.

A partner for international growth

The collaboration with Staria began in 2020. In practice, Naughty BRGR has outsourced a large part of its financial management operations to Staria. In addition to financial and payroll services, HR support functions have now also been included to the service package.

"Our structure is very complex and there are several different businesses. We set out to find a business partner that fits with internationalization plans, new businesses, and this complex and growing industry in general. When we made the comparison, we saw that Staria would be an excellent option", Oehlandt recalls.

"Staria was able to show its expertise already in the selection process. Now, thanks to Staria, we have a clear schedule for everything, and things are rolling. Staria also takes a very active approach and makes sure that everything is done on time. No panic situation has risen yet. Staria has so many calm people that I don’t think any panic will ever be born at their end", Oehlandt continues.


Familiar and secure Netvisor

Prior the co-operation with Staria, Naughty BRGR had already used Netvisor in its financial management. As Staria already had strong expertise in Netvisor, there was no need to update software when switching partner. Financial services are produced entirely electronically with Netvisor, which allows the company to manage financial matters regardless of time and place.

"We continued to use Netvisor with Staria, since they have good support and strong Netvisor expertise. Netvisor is an easy-to-use software with a smooth structure that fits our needs and interfaces with Staria", describes Oehlandt.

Cloud-based Netvisor is a modern and easy-to-use system, for example, the processing of purchase invoices is very efficient with Netvisor.

"For me, Netvisor is really good, especially because I can process purchase invoices and sign the necessary documents online. Even if I’m on a fishing trip, I don’t need to interrupt it for going to the office to do the work or sign documents. I can do it from the boat", Herlevi says.

"If something helps with a fishing trip, it’s an extremely good thing", Oehlandt laughs.

Together towards the unknown

Naughty BRGR is currently exploring artificial intelligence, robotics and drone transportation for its new businesses. Herlevi and Oehlandt believe that the world and the way of working will change significantly in the coming years as the degree of automation increases. Naughty BRGR wants to be a pioneer in its industry. That is why it is important that Staria is also a pioneer in its own field and takes advantage of the technological opportunities in its service production. Staria is able to adapt and grow its own operations together with Naughty BRGR.

"We don’t know where the future takes us, where the whole world is going and what to do in the long run. Our partners help and support us in finding that direction", Oehlandt describes.

"When I founded the company, I made the decision that I wouldn’t touch financials. I focus on everything else - creative development, staffing and new concepts. This decision has proved its worth. However, as a business owner, I need to be able to trust our partners. Our business is already becoming pretty big, so even small hick-ups could be quite drastic. That is why, it is important that we have reliable partners like Staria helping us now and in the future", Herlevi emphasizes.

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