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VTR-Workwear Center - Real-time data and reliable partnership

The VTR-Workwear Center, known especially for its Blåkläder workwear, is an expert in safe and protective workwear. A total of 10 different retail stores and rapid growth keep everyday life of personnel and management quite busy. With the help of Staria, the day-to-day operations related to the financial management of the VTR-Workwear Center have been largely automated. Thanks to real-time monitoring, key figures are easy to follow.

VTR-Workwear Center began its operations in 2007 in Kokkola, Finland. Today, the VTR chain already includes 10 workwear retail stores across Finland. The chain supplies workwear and protective equipment throughout Finland, for companies of all sizes and consumers can also shop in stores. The goal of the store chain is to be Finland's leading nationwide supplier of professional clothing, safety shoes and personal protective equipment in all its locations.

"We at VTR-Workwear Center want to be a partner for our customers. We are the expert in the field, and we know what our customers need for clothing, shoes and work gloves for the work to be done safely and efficiently", says Sami Suominen, CEO of VTR-Workwear Center.

Although the growth of the VTR chain has been rapid, fast growth is not the main goal for the company.

"The most important thing for us is that we have long-term customers and that together we start building a better tomorrow. We are growing alongside with our customers. Similarly, we also look for long-term partners to help us succeeding. It is important for us that we do things well together from day one", Suominen emphasizes.

One step at a time

Co-operation with Staria began in the fall 2020. The start was not the easiest one, as there were personnel and process changes at the same time within VTR-Workwear Center.

"With many partners, this could have been a really rocky road, but step by step, we together with Staria looked at this together and corrected all the mistakes that came along the way", Suominen describes.

Currently, Staria is responsible for the financial management of the VTR chain in a very comprehensive manner, from payroll to accounting and reporting. The common platform is Netvisor, financial management software. Sales Controller Oskari Kurki makes sure that daily financial administration rolls smoothly and accurately. That's where Netvisor is a big help.

"We get all the financial management services we need from Staria. For example, incoming invoice processing works well with Staria. Every day when I come to work, I open Netvisor and I check that the bills are okay. It's a really easy-to-use program", Kurki describes.


Customized view for each user

Netvisor is integrated directly into the VTR-Workwear Center's point-of-sale system, so the real-time situation can be seen immediately.

"Many daily activities rotate very automatically. We accept and send invoices, monitor sales, cash flow forecasts and so on. In the past we had update of our financial situation once a month with the monthly report, now we stay on track every day", Kurki praises.

"Netvisor dashboards can be adapted for each user. Every user can see the data that is important to them from the home view. I can look at balances and incoming bills at one glance. This is one big benefit", Suominen continues.

Operating models are being actively developed

In everyday life, Staria and VTR-Workwear Center are actively in contact and constantly developing common operating models. Solutions to challenging situations are created together. Whenever help has been needed, it has been received.

"Staria can handle a variety of things. All you need to do is to ask for help. The answer is often a message that the matter has been taken care of. Then I can focus on everything else myself", says Kurki.

"Together, we are actively looking for areas where we can develop and improve processes. This is a great benefit when working with Staria. We have a partner that we can trust and rely on", Suominen concludes.

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