Project Description

Jukka-Pekka Inkinen

Accountant Jukka-Pekka appreciates the autonomy and advancement opportunities

Who: Jukka-Pekka Inkinen, Accountant


  • quick to learn
  • customer-oriented
  • an excellent data practitioner

I arrived at Staria about four years ago soon to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and I was still working on my traineeship and thesis. I did my traineeship in financial team in Kotka and was able to put what I had learned at school into practice while working on a large franchising business. After finishing my traineeship and graduating, I was employed by Staria to be part of a six-person accounting team. Several years have gone since then and I have learned quite a bit. I am still working in the same team but have received new assignments and responsibilities as I have become more experienced.

I am currently responsible for the accounting of approximately twenty of my own clients, including handling their financial statements and specific financial questions. Our team uses Netvisor as the accounting system, which is a cloud-based program and is well-suited for our clients’ use. At Staria, the role of accountant is comprehensive, and I assist my clients with all of their business and finance-related administrative matters. During the week, I usually examine a few special cases related to a client’s business change or questions regarding taxation . I also inspect business reports from the previous month’s meetings with customers and prepare the accounting statement for the coming month, for example. At the start of the week, we eat breakfast provided by the company at the office together. We also hold weekly meetings on topical issues. My team includes employees from several different cities, so remote working is common for us.

Becoming an experienced professional over the years

Personally, I am interested in the functionalities of different systems and so through my own interest, self-study and training provided by the programme supplier, I have received more responsibility over the system, in addition to accounting. About six months ago, I became the Netvisor system product owner at Staria. While working at Staria and with their funding, I have also completed the KLT accounting examination, which is highly respected in the field of business. I am currently undergoing specialization studies in management, from which I will graduate in a little under a year.

My work experience thus far has taught me a great deal and I have been able to develop my expertise extensively. I have learned how to better understand economic entities and can consequently provide professional services to my clients in a way that supports their business. I always attempt to utilise my professional expertise so that I bring up matters for my clients that they should pay attention to in their business. This frees the client from having to consider matters by themselves. I think a proactive customer-orientation provides safety for clients and increases an accountant’s credibility.

An autonomous job profile and a new way of working

I especially appreciate the autonomy in my work and that I can choose how to do my job. At Staria, I have been able to adjust my work according to my personal life. A little while ago my girlfriend and I moved to Joensuu due to her job, and it was great that I could continue working for my employer partially remotely without it being a problem. In my opinion, people at Staria work in new ways and with new tools and are not afraid of trying different methods. In addition to flexible work opportunities, Staria provides excellent career advancement opportunities as long as you stay motivated. I am currently fully satisfied with my job and there are plenty of new, interesting things to learn. I could imagine myself working in a consulting job in the field of finance or systems at some point in the future, for example.

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