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Sakari Vanha-Similä

Accounting Specialist Sakari grows to professional in a skilled team

Who: Sakari Vanha-Similä, Accounting Specialist


  • easy-going
  • logical thinker and rational
  • composed

In February 2018, I walked through the doors of Staria and started my first day as a trainee. I had managed to get a traineeship at Staria’s accounting team in Tampere, and had just moved there from Kouvola with my girlfriend. I had been looking for a practical training position since finishing our last contact lessons in Kouvola, and had all but finished a BBA in Financial Management except for the traineeship. I sent an open application to Staria, and they contacted me afterwards. My friends had criticised me for my decision to leave the compulsory practical training to the end of the studies, but I proved them wrong when I signed a permanent contract with Staria at the end of the traineeship.

Accounting and robotics

At the moment, I have my own accounting and accounts payable clients. For some of the clients, I do their monthly accounting from start to finish and help with balancing the books. For some, I do their accounts payable. Besides that, I am our team’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) responsible and the contact person in RPA related matters. My main tools are Jeeves software for accounting and UiPath platform for robotic processes. I have earlier completed the UiPath RPA certification, so I became interested in being RPA responsible. When the robotics cropped up in discussions with Staria, I was appointed to the task. Due to personal interest, I will in the future focus on financial accounting systems besides accounting.

My work weeks vary according to the time of month, which is usual in accounting. During the first part of a month, I will finish the previous month’s accounts, and during the latter part, I can focus more on anticipatory and daily tasks. Besides accounting, I am involved in using, updating and configuring new robots for our team. Customer service takes a surprisingly big chunk of my work time, and I find it interesting to solve different things for my clients. Our clients have great trust in Staria’s customer service, and we allocate a lot of our resources to it. To balance the work life, I try to spend as much time in various outdoor activities as I can, and, to take my thoughts off work, I play videogames and watch sports. Prioritising tasks and separating work and leisure helps me cope with work during the busy times. I don’t bring work home but try to think about it only at the office.

Excellent trajectory and career development

As I gain more experience, I will deepen my know-how both in accounting and in robotics and systems. It is very interesting to see behind systems and understand how each of them work. I have participated in the Robotic Process Automation user training at Staria, besides learning a lot just by doing. Even though I started learning the ropes at Staria without prior experience, accumulating know-how has made me more self-assured and confident, and I no longer spend so much time checking and sorting things out. Now, I can help my clients in their affairs by, for example, participating in expense monitoring. Providing excellent customer service makes sure that they are free to focus on their core operations.

A supportive learning environment creates a pleasant workplace

When I think back to my career at Staria, the first thing that comes to mind is the trust that I have received from my employer since the very beginning. I was given responsibility even though I had just graduated. I have had a thorough introduction to my tasks, and have always received help from my team when needed. At first, I was appointed a mentor to help me with my gradually growing tasks. One of the most important things for a new employee is to feel welcome and to get support while learning the ropes. This gives a good background to keep learning and growing my know-how!

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