Project Description

Olli Järvinen

Olli's successful career path from intern to Head of Product and team leader

Who: Olli Järvinen, Head of SuiteApp products

My career at Staria began in a salary management internship in 2010 when I was finishing my studies in applied sciences. I was about to graduate as BBA in Financial Management, with only my internship period and thesis left. My internship went well and I continued working in the same team throughout the summer. The summer job became a permanent position and my journey at Staria is still ongoing.

After working for three years as a salary specialist, I was given the position of system consultant, which involved maintaining and developing salary, cost and travel claim, purchase invoice and payment transaction software. I was already the main user of the salary management system and responsible for implementations while working in financial management, so the role of system consultant was a logical step. After working for four years as a consultant, I was given a leading position. First, I was the project manager for the NetSuite team for about a year. From there, I moved over to the position as manager of the support system team. At the end of 2020, I took over the NetSuite SuiteApp business team, including business development and management role. In October 2021 I moved to SuiteApp team completely and became responsible for the products that Staria develops.

"My responsibilities have changed as I have progressed on my career."

I am still working in the same Tampere office, and my teams are constantly growing. In addition to managerial work, my job involves i.e different tasks related to app development and when needed, I assist my team members with their projects.

Versatile work schedules and the freedom to organize my own work

My work week usually begins with meetings about the coming week, where I go over upcoming projects and assignments with the team and our clients. The week then continues with varying tasks, such as meetings with clients and dealing with practical issues. Depending on the task, I might also have to travel to Staria's other offices or our clients’ offices, when necessary. At the end of the week, I usually work on managerial tasks related to work time and assignments. It's nice to discuss matters not related to work with my colleagues while eating lunch together. My other activities include travelling, football and futsal. I also visit black metal tours to unwind.

"I especially appreciate the liberty to influence the way work progresses and develops. People at Staria are encouraged to develop working solutions to issues and there is a high level of trust in employees’ expertise."

My career development has been made possible by my ability to learn. I have taken the initiative to develop many processes related to my work, through which I have received more responsibilities. The increased responsibility has encouraged me in turn to develop in my own field of expertise and expand my professional skills. I have also received support for my development through various forms of training. I have worked as the occupational safety representative through the years and have trained people in the subject. I have studied different systems and completed the Specialist Qualification in Management.

Continuous development and successful career paths

During my career I have gotten the possibility to move to those roles for which I have sought through trainings. In addition, I have been offered additional responsibilities and given the opportunity to develop with new challenges. My latest role in the SuiteApp business brings a whole new kind of opportunities and a more diverse field of work. At Staria, dreams can be made a reality, because people are given the opportunity to advance their careers. Staria is an innovative company and is constantly developing new, more efficient ways of working, so employees are given plenty of opportunities to change their job descriptions and advance on their careers.


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