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Senior NetSuite Consultant Finn Christian Oftedal

Senior NetSuite Consultant Finn Christian is part of a global community

Who: Finn Christian Oftedal, Senior NetSuite Consultant

My journey at Staria started in August 2020, as Senior NetSuite Consultant in the office in Norway. My professional background is first and foremost based on Service Management processes and solutions. In earlier roles, I was able to get experience with cloud-based tools - from identifying a need to completing the implementation of a solution. I already knew of Staria after having worked with NetSuite for some years and admired the growth and willingness to invest in being an end-to-end service provider. Through some connections I got the chance to be a part of this well-known international company with loads of competence.

I wanted to join Staria because as a NetSuite consultant I had already used SuiteApps created by Staria and I was aware of the competence within the company. When Staria established a Norwegian office in 2020, I couldn’t say no to being a part of the Staria journey. At Staria, I am able to use my education and work with some of the most experienced NetSuite consultants out there, which creates stability and a good foundation for my professional growth.

"Being a part of a growth company, working together with other growth companies, and being successful together is a dream come true for the entrepreneur in me."

The mission is to be a partner in growth

My responsibilities as Senior NetSuite Consultant include being part of discussions with our customers to document how our solutions should be set up to fulfil their requirements, implementing the solution based on the documentation and finally, supplying support and training to our customers in order for them to be as self-driven as possible. Additionally, I am responsible for some customers as a Customer Success Manager, with regular meetings to get input on their next steps and to discuss how NetSuite or Staria as a partner can assist in their journey.

My workdays are varied and exciting, but the mission is always the same: to be a partner in growth. This can be through implementing or configuring NetSuite, running requirement meetings to discuss and document what is important for the customer and how to solve it, or to participate in the sales phase for potential new customers.

Being Starian means being part of a global community

I started at Staria during the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning there have been limitations in terms of meeting colleagues physically across borders. But still, I feel that I’m a part of a global community – all Starians from all locations are working together towards the same goal and assisting each other. Staria as an employer is motivating the employees to develop by encouraging courses and certifications. In our daily work we work as a team where we help each other when needed and challenge each other (and ourselves) when applicable.

"The best part of my job is to be able to use both my professional background and my personal interests in my daily work and to be able to grow further, together."

All humans have their own motivational drive, and for me it is the variety of tasks during the day and the good discussions with customers and colleagues where I can contribute to their success. I look forward to being a part of the growth journey Staria as a company is currently on. We have a lot of exciting plans going on and I am proud of being a part of it.


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