Project Description

Global Accounting team

Global accounting team is filled with country-specific expertise and various cultures

Global Accounting team employs over 50 experts. The team provides accounting services covering the local requirements in over 40 different countries. During the workday, employees may speak different languages and encounter various nationalities, but English is the common language used among team members. The team consists of professionals in different stages of their career development. All team members, from trainees to Advisors, are sharing the strong engagement and excellent team spirit.

The customers include international companies and traditional accounting is only a part of this team's daily agenda. Work involves a great deal of customer orientation and close consultation with foreign partners, who are helping the team's experts to ensure that accounting is done according to local requirements. NetSuite is used as the customers’ business platform. It works exceptionally well with international business functions and is easy to use anywhere and at any time, thanks to its cloud-based functions. New customer relations are formed monthly and the internalization of the companies is supported through genuine cooperation.

The team is handling accounting in over 40 countries so understanding the customs and provisions of specific countries is crucial.

Demanding but interesting work

Having international customers from various countries requires specific skills from team members. When accounting is performed in accordance with the laws of over 40 different countries, understanding the customs and provisions of specific countries is crucial. Good language skills are also important, as invoices may arrive in different languages and meetings with customers are often held in English. Not everyone needs to understand all the different regulations or languages, however. Work is often done in pairs and team members are constantly communicating with one another as well as with foreign partners. Internship in the Global Accounting team provides the opportunity to start on career path immediately after graduating. New Starians are trained and advised by more experienced members.

Team members can ask for advice from anyone and there is no hierarchy in leadership. Weekly meetings and shared coffee breaks are held not just to discuss work-related matters, but to uphold team spirit, which is evident in the way team members work. As the job is demanding, it is highly important that team members have a sense of belonging and receive support from their colleagues.

The variation of cultural backgrounds is
a strength and different persons add diversity to the team.

International cooperation in addition to accounting

The team is constantly onboarding new customers and new colleagues, so the work involves fast-moving parts. While work is generally demanding, it is also quite interesting, as employees get to know different cultures and sectors. Becoming part of a virtual team is unavoidable in a global environment and digital communication skills are an increasingly important part of everyday work. The amount of work done in customer meetings and with foreign partners depends on the work role, but an international spirit can be seen in everyone's work.

As our team grows, we are constantly searching for new persons to join our multinational team. If you are interested in new work opportunities and believe you would fit in with our team, please fill the application.


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