Project Description

Robin Kurtén

Growth Ambassador Robin works with exciting customers

Who: Robin Kurtén, Growth Ambassador

My journey at Staria started 5 years ago in October 2016. I was part of a NetSuite bootcamp – a 6-month recruitment program hosted by Staria for NetSuite consultants. I applied for the bootcamp because both Staria as a company and NetSuite as a frontrunner in cloud-based ERP sounded very interesting. Also, the bootcamp was arranged in Turku, where I lived at that time.

I felt very lucky to get the opportunity to be a part of the recruitment program. However, it turned out quite quickly that my expertise and strengths were not necessarily in the NetSuite consultancy area – it was and still is within NetSuite sales. The program was a great chance to first get familiar with the system from a more practical and technical point of view, but my focus was quickly moved to NetSuite sales towards the Swedish and Norwegian markets. Here I am, 5 years later, having spent 4 of them in Staria’s office in Stockholm.

Working with exciting markets and customers

My main responsibilities as Growth Ambassador are within Sales on the Swedish market, both NetSuite sales and the Supporting Software to our NetSuite-solution, but also of course sales of our Global Accounting services. What this means is that we need to find the right opportunities out there – the Swedish market is extremely exciting and there are so many great Swedish growth companies out on the market. This obviously also results in a very competitive environment where everyone wants to find the next “soonicorn” and work as their “growth accelerator”.

"The companies we work with are so exciting and I truly get inspiration and motivation from our customers – after all, they are the hottest growth companies out there."

The best part about my job, I must say, is our customers. That might sound like a cliché but it’s so true. It’s extremely interesting to follow their journeys and at some point play a small role in it.

Staria offers career advancement opportunities

In a growth company like Staria, there is no such thing as a “regular workday”. The days are usually filled with meetings with prospects and current customers but also internal meetings where we try to solve prospect and customer challenges. A lot of time is also spent on finding new potential customers combined with a tight co-operation with our amazing marketing team.

Staria is a great employer who takes care of you as an individual. Staria offers great ways to advance in your career and take more responsibility if you are interested in that. I think there are quite many examples of people at Staria who started their journey at Staria as for example trainees and today are in team-lead positions or similar. It’s pretty much up to what you yourself want and to keep up the good work – Staria will be there for you and give you the right tools for it.

A great team spirit and support from colleagues

While working at Staria, I have learned everything from understanding technical details, solving accounting-related questions, preparing workshops, meetings, proposals, and agreements, hosting events, becoming (hopefully) a better colleague, and more. The list could go on but, in the end, I think one important thing to know is that nobody expects one single person to solve everything. That is why we have a great team spirit at Staria – you always get support from talented colleagues! With that said, I feel very privileged, and I think it's amazing to have experienced everything that has happened so far on my Staria journey.

"We have achieved a lot together and I can't wait for what the next 5 years will bring to us!"

My tip for you is to send an application. It’s also a good idea to send an open application because we are constantly looking for great talents within many different areas. If you want to ask me anything in advance – send me a DM on LinkedIn and let’s have a chat!


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