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Laatutakuu has a modern accounting partner

When it was time for Laatutakuu, a chain primarily focusing on cleaning and real estate maintenance services, to change their accounting partner in 2014, Staria was chosen thanks to their personal and supportive business model. Both entrepreneurs and the management at Laatutakuu have been very satisfied with Staria.

Laatutakuu Oy is a cleaning and real estate maintenance chain comprising of approximately 130 independent entrepreneurs. The B2B-focused chain provides comprehensive support services to its entrepreneurs. Staria has been responsible for the chain’s accounting services since 2014.

“We were looking for a more personal and instructional service that was more supportive for entrepreneurs. But most of all, we were convinced by Staria's attitude towards service and their drive to improve", states Henri Häyrinen, CEO of Laatutakuu Oy.

In addition to the basic package of accounting services that Laatutakuu provides to its franchisees, the entrepreneurs can purchase additional services, such as invoicing, preparing minutes of managerial meetings as well as HR and payroll services.

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Laatutakuu Henri Häyrinen

Henri Häyrinen, CEO, Laatutakuu

Netvisor facilitating everyday business

Jouni Tikkanen Siivouspalvelu is a cleaning service in Middle-Uusimaa owned by Jouni Tikkanen, who joined Laatutakuu in 2014. Tikkanen has taken a liking to the Visma Netvisor program provided by Staria.

“Netvisor is a very simple and good program that works well on tablets too. It is modern and has made my daily life easier, allowing me to access accounting wherever and whenever, even during holiday trips”, Tikkanen laughs.

According to Tikkanen, digital programs make the everyday running of a business less of a chore “Entrepreneurs do not have the time to run around managing everything, so it's great that matters can be handled digitally and via the phone whenever we have the time", Tikkanen sums up.

Tmi Jouni Tikkanen laatutakuu

Jouni Tikkanen, Laatutakuu entrepreneur

Laatutakuulla on ajan hermolla oleva taloushallintokumppani

Akram Ben Fradj, Laatutakuu entrepreneur

“I always get help from my own accountant”

Akram Ben Fradj, manager of the Bizertinos Oy company since 2014 and Laatutakuu Entrepreneur of the Year for 2019, has acquired additional services from Staria, including payroll management and invoicing services. By outsourcing accounting services, entrepreneurs can better focus on their job.

“I do not have time to sit in front of a laptop all day. I have four employees and do not have time to take care of matters like wage payment. Staria is always there to help, and wages and invoices are paid on time. Everything has worked well without issues”, Ben Fradj summarizes.

The same accountant has worked as Akram Ben Fradj's contact person at Staria for 6.5 years. “It’s good that the accountant has stayed the same, as they are familiar with my business. We meet once a month to discuss matters regarding my business. My accountant is highly competent and always helps me with my concerns.”

Benefit to both entrepreneurs and the chain

Outsourcing financial management to Staria on helped both entrepreneurs and the Laatutakuu chain immensely.

“With their financial matters being managed by a reliable partner, our entrepreneurs can focus on providing high-quality services. Our chain has a modern, innovative partner that wants to develop its services. They provide our entrepreneurs with the newest innovations in the field and help them to stay competitive. Their RPA services have also brought savings and benefits to us", Henri Häyrinen sums up.


When and why to outsource financial administration?

With concrete tips and examples of this guide you find the right way to outsource your financial administration. This guide also explains different ways how companies are developing their financial administration and how an outsourcing project is planned. Read more and download the guide.

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Anu Hemmila

Anu Hemmilä
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