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Heikki Laato

NetSuite Consultant Heikki works in coding and consulting

Who: Heikki Laato, NetSuite Consultant


  • positive
  • patient
  • calm

In 2016, I had just graduated as Master of Science (MSc) in Economics when I saw an advert in which Staria was looking for 20 future NetSuite experts for a six-month training programme. I made some background searches about the company and decided to apply because Staria gave an interesting and well-established impression. The training period was rewarding: I received a permanent job after six months. That was two years ago, and since then, I have worked with NetSuite at Staria’s Turku office. I started out as a Key Account Manager taking care of NetSuite clients, but being more technically inclined, I moved on to systems consultancy after a year. Now, I can fully focus on building the system to suit our clients’ needs.

Teamwork and glasses of sparkling

My tasks include various client projects, consulting, and customizing NetSuite according to our clients’ needs. I am involved in the implementation and management of the client process. My week usually starts with a weekly planning session and staff breakfast, provided by Staria. Together with our team, we go through our current situation, the week’s agenda, and plan our tasks ahead. During the following days, we carry out the projects and react to any technical issues our clients may have in NetSuite. And occasionally, we celebrate some of our successes with a glass of sparkling at our team meetings.

To counterbalance the teamwork, I may put on headphones, when necessary, and get absorbed in the high-precision tasks in silence. I am located at the Turku office, but if I want to, I can also work remotely. That makes life as a father of young children easier. During my spare time, I usually keep myself busy with my family or go to the gym to stay fit.

Flexible work and continuous learning

A particularly fine aspect of my job at Staria is that I genuinely like the work I do, and it is challenging enough. I am able to help my clients to grow their businesses by automating their manual processes and alleviate changes that growth brings. Staria is a flexible company, so I am allowed to arrange my work time to fit my personal appointments. I prefer a proper work mode on all the time. In the future, I would like to further deepen my coding and implementation skills. A thorough understanding of the industry helps me to be better at my work, and therefore I intend to study accounting a bit further.

During these past two years, I have become more efficient and faster at my work. Compared to those early days, I have started to remember solutions to problems, and it is easier to come up with new solutions, as I have learned through making. I am also very happy to have developed my coding skills. To improve my skills, I have participated in training courses on the NetSuite Learning Portal. Now, our team is the first in Finland to partner with NetSuite for major training.

What hierarchy?

The best thing about Staria is that, everyone is treated fairly and equally, and I feel that I am appreciated for my work. My supervisor is a brilliant character, and our team works well together. I feel that everyone is equal at Staria; even the top management is very approachable. We see and hear from them often, and it is easy to approach them all. Staria also offers great benefits to its personnel, which is great. Especially as for me going to the gym is an absolute necessity to get my thoughts off work. Another great way to get my mind off the week is to spend quality time with my family.

I feel that I am currently in my dream job. I do not feel the need to change anything on the work front. In the near future, I hope to complete more NetSuite certificates and expand my skills in that way.

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