Project Description

Martin Roger C Daquer

NetSuite Consultant Martin helps customer businesses grow

Who: Martin Roger C Daquer, NetSuite Consultant

Up until a year ago, I was working in my home country of the Philippines, and then came to Finland on an assignment for Staria as an outside consultant. Staria was interested in my expertise, and I was directly offered a job at Staria as a NetSuite Consultant. I have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and have previously worked in multinational companies in my country, so international work as such was already familiar and natural to me. I enjoy traveling, so I took the opportunity and now I’ve been on Staria’s payroll for nearly a year. Living and working in Finland has proved to be easy, because the locals have been very friendly and helpful to me and the massive change in weather conditions compared to my last country of residence hasn’t felt bad at all.

"It’s fantastic that I constantly get to learn new things about different business models and systems used by our customers, chat with different people, and also travel to different places through my work."

In my work, I build user interfaces tailored to customers’ needs for the NetSuite ERP system and provide technical support for managing existing customers’ user interfaces. My work week usually involves resolving any issues customers might have, building new solutions, and studying the customers’ business so that the system can become a tool as well-suited as possible for any particular purpose.

Continuous development and versatile tasks

In my work, I get to be part of our customer’s growth. Once we manage to build our customer a working and effective solution that significantly reduces the time used for the process in the past, the customer will then have time to focus their energy on growing their company and developing their business.

The versatility of my work helps me develop constantly. At Staria, I have learned more about work efficiency and the business regulations of the European region. I’m particularly interested in learning to better understand the differences between various regions and countries in doing business, as well as methods relating to business. I’m also planning to start studying Finnish. Outside of work, I enjoy photography and do a lot of traveling.

Employer of many opportunities

The thing I appreciate the most about my work is its flexibility. I can do my job basically anywhere, with flexible hours. I can work independently, and my discretion is trusted when organizing work. In terms of staying motivated at work, I think it’s important to be able to prioritize your tasks based on your schedules.

"I love being able to sleep late on some mornings, and going out in the middle of the day to do whatever I want after a tougher work project!"

I think Staria is a place of many opportunities as an employer. It is a growing company, which means a variety of job opportunities and new chances. At Staria, the work is organized according to my own needs, and my personal life has also always been taken into account very well. My dream job for the future at Staria might be to run my own team of consultants, as part of a top crew.


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